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25/05/17 QANTAS Flight Cancellations.

May 25, 2017

The following QANTAS flights did not operate today:

QF456 Melbourne – Sydney
QF1427 Sydney – Canberra
QF1486 Canberra – Sydney
QF1507 Melbourne – Hobart
QF1508 Hobart – Melbourne
QF1509 Melbourne – Hobart
QF1517 Sydney – Canberra
QF1522 Canberra – Sydney
QF1528 Melbourne – Canberra
QF1529 Canberra – Melbourne
QF1535 Canberra – Melbourne
QF2009 Tamworth – Sydney
QF2012 Sydney – Tamworth
QF2205 Sydney – Albury
QF2206 Albury – Sydney