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26/02/13 QANTAS Flight Cancellations.

February 26, 2013

The following QANTAS flights did not operate today:

QF417 Sydney – Melbourne
QF448 Melbourne – Sydney
QF502 Sydney – Brisbane
QF900 Perth – Karratha
QF901 Karratha – Perth
QF905 Karratha – Perth
QF906 Perth – Karratha
QF907 Karratha – Perth
QF908 Perth – Karratha
QF912 Perth – Karratha
QF915 Karratha – Perth
QF916 Perth – Karratha
QF917 Karratha – Perth
QF918 Perth – Karratha
QF919 Karratha – Perth
QF983 Brisbane – Port Hedland
QF984 Port Hedland – Brisbane
QF991 Brisbane – Karratha
QF992 Karratha – Brisbane
QF997 Melbourne – Port Hedland
QF998 Port Hedland – Melbourne
QF1109 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1110 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1116 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1117 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1122 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1123 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1124 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1125 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1128 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1129 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1812 Perth – Port Hedland
QF1813 Port Hedland – Perth
QF1900 Perth – Karratha
QF1901 Karratha – Perth
QF1913 Karratha – Perth
QF1914 Perth – Karratha
QF2172 Sydney – Port Macquarie
QF2173 Port Macquarie – Sydney
QF2275 Adelaide – Port Lincoln
QF2342 Brisbane – Gladstone
QF2343 Gladstone – Brisbane
QF2412 Brisbane – Emerald
QF2413 Emerald – Brisbane
QF2420 Newcastle – Brisbane
QF2425 Brisbane – Newcastle
QF2426 Newcastle – Brisbane
QF2427 Brisbane – Newcastle
QF2567 Brisbane – Canberra
QF2568 Canberra – Brisbane.