QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZF Returns to Service.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZF, which was in storage at Avalon from 21st March – 7th September and has been at Avalon since, returned to service this afternoon operating QF726 Adelaide – Canberra.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZX Returns from and to Sydney Maintenance.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZX, which has been under maintenance at Sydney since 10th August, returned to service this morning operating QF790 Sydney – Alice Springs. The aircraft returned to the maintenance facility after arrival back at Sydney as the return QF791.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZS Mackay Technical Issue.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZS operated QF987 Brisbane – Mackay this morning, however the return QF988 was cancelled due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Mackay – Brisbane this evening as QF6123.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZK Operates Ginbata Fifo Sectors.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZK operated a Perth – Ginbata Fifo sector as QF1351 this afternoon, however instead of overnighting at Ginbata following the earlier Boeing 737-800 technical issue it then returned to Perth operating the delayed QF1356 Ginbata – Perth Fifo sector.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-XZK Returns from and to Sydney Storage.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-XZK, which has been in storage at Sydney since 18th April, returned to service early this morning operating QF504 Sydney – Brisbane. The aircraft then operated the QF978/QF979 Brisbane – Mount Isa rotation and QF545 Brisbane – Sydney before returning to storage.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VXB Mount Isa Rescue Mission.

Following the earlier Boeing 737-800 technical issue at Mount Isa, QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VXB positioned Brisbane – Mount Isa early this afternoon as QF6153 in order to operate the delayed QF979 Mount Isa – Brisbane.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZI Mount Isa Technical Issue.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZI operated QF978 Brisbane – Mount Isa early this morning, however it was unable to operate the return QF979 due to a technical issue. The aircraft was able to position Mount Isa – Brisbane during the afternoon as QF6163.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZM Positioning Flight.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZM, which has been out of service at Canberra since 28th March, positioned Canberra – Brisbane as QF6162 late this afternoon then returned to service operating QF945 Brisbane – Perth.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-XZL A380 Crew Flight.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-XZL operated Sydney – Darwin as QF6141 this evening carrying A380 crews for the upcoming change of the routing of the QF1/QF2 Sydney – Singapore – London Heathrow services to Sydney – Darwin – London Heathrow.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VXQ Sydney Test Flight.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VXQ, which has been out of service at Sydney since 16th March, undertook a one hour Sydney – Sydney test flight as QF6114 early this afternoon then returned to service operating QF540 Sydney – Brisbane.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VYZ QF132 Christchurch Technical Return.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VYZ operating QF132 Christchurch – Melbourne stopped the climb at 10,000ft this afternoon and returned immediately to Christchurch for a safe landing.  After two and a half hours on the ground the aircraft departed again and succesfully completed the flight.