QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Returns from Hong Kong.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA returned to service this evening operating today’s scheduled QF118 Hong Kong – Sydney. Today’s QF117 Sydney – Hong Kong was cancelled.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Returns from Tokyo Narita.

Following its overnight delay, QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA departed Tokyo Narita this morning operating yesterday’s delayed QF62 Tokyo Narita – Brisbane as QF62D. This again took a non-ETOPS routing heading south west towards Brunei before turning south east to Brisbane.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA QF61 Long Routing.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operating QF61 Brisbane – Tokyo Narita routed north west today as far as Brunei before turning north east for Tokyo Narita, thus taking over 11 hours for a flight which usually takes around 9 hours. This appears to be due to the aircraft having an issue making it non ETOPS compliant. As a result the flight arrived into Tokyo Narita just before night curfew and the return QF62 has been delayed overnight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Positioning Flight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA positioned Sydney – Melbourne as QF6002 this morning in order to operate QF79 Melbourne – Tokyo Narita. Because of yesterday’s QF79 diverting via Tokyo Haneda and crew rest requirements the aircraft will overnight at Tokyo Narita.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Positioning Flight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA positioned Melbourne – Sydney as QF6005 this morning after arriving as QF36 from Singapore. The aircraft then operated QF129 Sydney – Shanghai Pudong.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA QF129 Wellcamp Diversion.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operating QF129 Sydney – Shanghai Pudong operated via Wellcamp this morning to collect delegates to the AccessChina 16 exhibition. This is the first A330-300 visit to Wellcamp and the first International flight to operate from Wellcamp.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA QF61 Brisbane Technical Return.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operating QF61 Brisbane – Tokyo Narita stopped the climb at 20,000 ft this morning due to a technical issue and returned immediately to Brisbane for a safe landing. The flight has been delayed overnight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Returns from Brisbane Maintenance.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA, which has been under maintenance at Brisbane since November 3rd 2014, returned to service this morning operating QF605 Brisbane – Melbourne. The aircraft has been reconfigured to 28J/269Y with Thomson Aero flat bed seats in Business Class and is the first A330-300 to be reconfigured.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Brisbane Test Flight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA, which has been under maintenance at Brisbane since November 3rd 2014, undertook a Brisbane – Brisbane test flight this morning as QF6115.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Operates AFL Final Extra.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operated an additional Sydney – Melbourne sector as QF1237 this afternoon in connection with yesterday’s AFL Grand Final, the aircraft then operated back to Sydney as QF444.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Operates Delayed QF29.

Following the A330-300 technical issue at Melbourne yesterday, QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operated yesterday’s delayed QF29 Melbourne – Hong Kong this morning as QF29D.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Positioning Flight.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA positioned Sydney – Singapore this afternoon as QF6019 in order to operate QF6 Singapore – Sydney. An additional A330-300 was needed at Singapore following the cancellation of QF35 Melbourne – Singapore.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Operates Military Charters.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operated Melbourne – Singapore this afternoon as QF6021 and will then operate Singapore – Auckland overnight as QF6030. It will then return to Melbourne as QF6022. The flights were military charters.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Rapid Hong Kong Turnaround.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA operated QF29 Melbourne – Hong Kong today and was turned around immediately to operate a delayed QF30 Hong Kong – Melbourne. This was scheduled to be operated by sister VH-QPD but this remains out of service following yesterday’s bird strike.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Continues to Sydney.

Following its diversion to Melbourne last night whilst operating QF566 Perth – Sydney, QANTAS Airbus A330-300 VH-QPA continued Melbourne – Sydney this morning as QF8566.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA QF566 Melbourne Diversion.

QANTAS Airbus A330-300 VH-QPA operating QF566 Perth – Sydney diverted to Melbourne this evening. The flight was just under an hour late departing Perth so may have missed curfew at Sydney.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA QF72 Control Emergency.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA made an emergency landing at Learmonth whilst operating QF72 Singapore – Perth today. The aircraft had twice entered uncommanded pitch down manoeuvres at high altitude resulting in 12 people receiving severe injuries and a further 103 suffering minor injuries.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Returns from Maintenance.

12/2004 – .QANTAS A330-300 [rss-cut[ re-entered service today as QF577 Sydney – Perth. The aircraft has undergone engine modification work undertaken to convert the aircraft to A330-303 series and been reconfigured to 30J.267Y configuration.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA Delivered.

QANTAS A330-300 VH-QPA was delivered Toulouse – Singapore – Melbourne today as QF7628. The aircraft is in 1984 livery, named “Kununarra” and is in 38J/305Y Domestic configuration.