QANTAS Boeing 737-800 VH-VZH




QANTAS Boeing 737-800 VH-VZH

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QANTAS B737-800 Aircraft

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QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZH Positioning Flight.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZH positioned Brisbane – Christchurch as QF6015 early this afternoon to the schedule of the cancelled QF135 service in order to operate QF134 Christchurch – Brisbane.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZH Darwin Rescue Mission.

Following the earlier Boeing 737-800 ramp damage incident at Darwin, QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZH positioned Perth – Darwin as QF6125 this afternoon in order to operate the delayed QF851 Darwin – Perth.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZH Brisbane Test Flight.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZH, which has been in storage/under maintenance at Brisbane since 7th April 2020, undertook a twenty minute Brisbane – Brisbane test flight early this evening as QF6114.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZH Continues from Auckland.

Following its diversion late last night, QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZH departed Auckland early this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted QF133 Melbourne – Christchurch, routing Auckland – Christchurch as QF7133.

QANTAS B737-800 VH-VZH Returns from Townsville Maintenance.

QANTAS Boeing 737-838 VH-VZH, which has been under maintenance at Townsville since 8th August, returned to service this morning operating QF969 Townsville – Brisbane. The aircraft has been repainted from QANTAS New Roo (2007) into QANTAS Silver Roo (2016) livery,

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC Continues from Christchurch.

Following its diversion yesterday, JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC departed Christchurch this morning continuing yesterday’s diverted QF171 Melbourne – Wellington, routing Christchurch – Wellington and using QF171 as its callsign.

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC QF133 Auckland Diversion and Positioning Flight.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC operating QF133 Melbourne – Christchurch (depart Melbourne 23rd April) diverted to Auckland early this morning due to weather at Christchurch. The aircraft continued Auckland – Christchurch then operated the delayed QF134 Christchurch – Brisbane before positioning Brisbane – Melbourne this evening as QF6171.

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC Returns from Brisbane Maintenance.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC, which has been under maintenance at Brisbane since 9th October, returned to service this evening operating QF125 Brisbane – Auckland. The aircraft has been reconfigured from 12J/156Y to 12J/162Y.

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC Auckland Test Flight.

Following its diversion to Auckland on 17th June, JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC undertook a further Auckland – Auckland test flight this morning as QF6171 then re-entered service as QF126 Auckland – Brisbane.

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC Re-Registered.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQN was re-registered from VH-VZH to ZK-ZQC today and was leased to JetConnect wearing the name “Katherine Mansfield”.

JetConnect B737-800 ZK-ZQC Delivered.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC commenced its delivery flight today wearing registration VH-VZH and routing Boeing Field – Honolulu – Nadi – Melbourne as QF6020. The aircraft is in 12J/156Y configuration with Silverwing seats in Business Class and Panasonic AVOD throughout. It is in QANTAS New ‘Roo livery and brings the JetConnect B737-800 fleet up to three aircraft and the QANTAS Group B737-800 fleet up to 41 aircraft.






QANTAS Aircraft






QANTAS B737-800 Aircraft





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