QANTAS A330-200s Return to Perth – Singapore Route.

QANTAS confirmed today that the QF71/QF72 Perth – Singapore rotation will switch from Boeing 737-800 to A330-200 operation from 23rd July. From the same date the 3 x weekly QF77/QF78 rotation will cease to operate.

QANTAS Announce Additional Sydney – Singapore Services.

QANTAS today announced an additional three weekly Sydney – Singapore services to commence on 14th December 2018. The A330-300 service will bring services on the route to 17x weekly and will operate to the following schedule:

QF83 Sydney 1530 – Singapore 2040 Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays
QF84 Singapore 2210 – Sydney 0915+1 Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays.

QANTAS Confirm Melbourne – San Francisco Schedule.

QANTAS today confirmed that its previously announced Melbourne – San Francisco Boeing 787-9 service will commence on 1st September 2018 and will operate to the following schedule:

QF49 Melbourne 2140 – San Francisco 1900 Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays
QF50 San Francisco 2200 – Melbourne 0630+2 Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays.

QANTAS Announce Melbourne – San Francisco Dreamliner Service.

QANTAS today announced a Melbourne – San Francisco Boeing 787-9 service to commence in late 2018. The service will be less than daily with the Dreamliner flight operating Melbourne – Los Angeles on some days of the week and Melbourne – San Francisco on others.

QANTAS Announce Additional Auckland Services as Emirates Pull Out.

QANTAS today announced additional services to Auckland to operate from 25th March 2018. These will operate to provide additional capacity after Emirates announced that it will cease operations on the Brisbane – Auckland and Melbourne – Auckland routes.

The combined QANTAS/Jet Connect schedule from the East Coast to Auckland from 25th March 2018 will be as follows:

Sydney – Auckland

QF141 Sydney 0815 – Auckland 1320 73H
QF143 Sydney 0955 – Auckland 1500 332
QF145 Sydney 1155 – Auckland 1700 73H
QF147 Sydney 1600 – Auckland 2105 73H
QF149 Sydney 1830 – Auckland 2330 332

Auckland – Sydney

QF140 Auckland 0645 – Sydney 0825 332
QF142 Auckland 0845 – Sydney 1025 73H
QF144 Auckland 1310 – Sydney 1450 73H
QF146 Auckland 1515 – Sydney 1655 332
QF148 Auckland 1855 – Sydney 2035 73H

Melbourne – Auckland

QF153 Melbourne 0745 – Auckland 1320 73H
QF159 Melbourne 1145 – Auckland 1720 332
QF155 Melbourne 1815 – Auckland 2350 73H
QF151 Melbourne 2335 – Auckland 0505+1 332

Auckland – Melbourne

QF152 Auckland 0600 – Melbourne 0815 73H
QF158 Auckland 1200 – Melbourne 1415 332
QF154 Auckland 1500 – Melbourne 1715 73H
QF156 Auckland 1800 – Melbourne 2015 332

Brisbane – Auckland

QF123 Brisbane 0745 – Auckland 1355 332
QF125 Brisbane 1745 – Auckland 2350 73H

Auckland – Brisbane

QF120 Auckland 0615 – Brisbane 0810 73H
QF126 Auckland 1625 – Brisbane 1820 332

QANTAS Increase Melbourne – Singapore Capacity.

QANTAS today announced that it will upgauge the QF35/QF36 Melbourne – Singapore service from A330-200/300 to A380 operation from March 25th 2018. Additionally the 3 x weekly QF37/QF38 A330-200/300 rotation will be increased to a daily service.

QANTAS Sydney – London Heathrow Service to Return to Singapore Stopover.

QANTAS today announced that the QF1/QF2 Sydney – London Heathrow service will amend its stopover from Dubai to Singapore from 25th March 2018. The Sydney – Singapore sectors will replace the current QF5/QF6 Sydney – Singapore A380 service. QANTAS will retain codeshares on Emirates services between Australian ports and Dubai and beyond Dubai across the Emirates network to Europe but there will no longer be any QANTAS operated services to Dubai.

QANTAS Announce Seasonal Sydney – Osaka Kansai Service.

QANTAS today announced a 3 x weekly Sydney – Osaka Kansai A330-300 service to operate from 14th December 2017 – 24th March 2018. Schedules are as follows:

QF33 Sydney 1325 – Osaka Kansai 2130 Mondays
QF34 Osaka Kansai 2250 – Sydney 1040+1 Mondays

QF33 Sydney 0930 – Osaka Kansai 1725 Thursdays, Saturdays
QF34 Osaka Kansai 1855 – Sydney 0645+1 Thursdays, Saturdays.

Regular A330-200s Scheduled for Sydney – Auckland.

QANTAS today announced that the QF143/QF146 and QF149/QF140 Sydney – Auckland rotations will switch from Boeing 737-800 to A330-200 operation from 12th July 2017. Since 2012 A330-200s have only been scheduled on the route at peak periods.

QANTAS Announce Melbourne – Perth – London Heathrow Schedule.

QANTAS today officially announced the schedule for its Melbourne – Perth – London Heathrow Boeing 787-9 service to commence on 24th March 2018. The service will take over the QF9/QF10 flight numbers from the withdrawn Melbourne – Dubai – London Heathrow A380 service. Schedules for the new service are as follows:

QF9 Melbourne 1520 – 1720 Perth 1850 – London Heathrow 0510+1

QF10 London Heathrow 1330 – 1315+1 Perth 1445+1 – Melbourne 2110+1.

QANTAS Announce End of Melbourne – Dubai – London Heathrow Service.

QANTAS today announced that it will cease operation of the QF9/QF10 Melbourne – Dubai – London Heathrow A380 service with the final departure from Melbourne will operate on 23rd March 2018 with the final departure from London operating on 24th March 2018. No firm plans have been revealed for the freed A380 frames.

QANTAS Announce Debut Dreamliner Services for Melbourne – Los Angeles.

QANTAS today announced that the first regular International service to be operated by the Boeing 787-9 will be Melbourne – Los Angeles. Commencing on 15th December 2017 the aircraft will begin a 6 x weekly operation on the QF95/QF96 rotation running alongside the daily A380 operated QF93/QF94.

QANTAS Announce Fluid QF95/QF96 Melbourne – Los Angeles Frequencies.

QANTAS today announced that it will temporarily withdraw the QF95/QF96 Melbourne – Los Angeles service from 30th January 2017 to allow daily Boeing 747-400 service on the Melbourne – Hong Kong route. However QF95/QF96 will return as a 3 x weekly service in March-April and June-July 2017.

QANTAS Announce Return to Sydney – Beijing Route.

QANTAS today announced that it will return to the Sydney – Beijing route for the first time since 2009 with a daily A330-200 service to commence on 17th January 2017. Schedules are as follows:

QF107 Sydney 1350 – Beijing 2220
*QF108 Beijing 0015 – Sydney 1455

*QF108 Departs 5 minutes later Thurdays and Sundays.

QANTAS Announce Melbourne – Tokyo Narita Service.

QANTAS today announced a return to the Melbourne – Tokyo Narita route with daily A330-300 services commencing on 16th December 2016. Schedules are as follows:

QF79 Melbourne 0915 – Tokyo Narita 1730
QF80 Tokyo Narita 1900 – Melbourne 0730+1.

QANTAS Confirm Sydney – Los Angeles Service Reduction.

QANTAS today amended its Sydney – Los Angeles schedules after 25th April 2016 with the complete removal of the QF17/QF18 rotation. This had been scheduled to reduce to 3 x weekly at this time, but will now be removed from the schedule altogether. In a further change the QF11/QF12 rotation will switch from A380 to Boeing 747-400/400ER operation on Tuesdays.

QANTAS Announce Limited Sydney – Denpasar Series.

QANTAS today announced a 4 x weekly Sydney – Denpasar Boeing 737-800 service to operate from 4th December 2015 to 29th January 2016. Schedules are as follows:

QF43 Sydney 1710 – Denpasar 2050 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays
QF44 Denpasar 2240 – Sydney 0740+1 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays.

The airline is specifically advertising IFE fitted aircraft for this service.

QANTAS Announce Extra Sydney – Hong Kong Rotations.

QANTAS today announced an additional 4 x weekly Sydney – Hong Kong A330 services to commence on 26th October 2015. Schedules are as follows:

QF117 Sydney 1315 – Hong Kong 1920 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.
QF118 Hong Kong 2135 – Sydney 1000+1 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.

QF117 Sydney 1340 – Hong Kong 2005 2 Tuesdays
QF118 Hong Kong 2135 – Sydney 1000+1 Tuesdays.

QANTAS Cut Back on Australia Trans-Cons

In changes to the QANTAS schedules for the Summer 2015/16 season there are service reductions on the Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane – Perth routes with one daily Melbourne – Perth rotation being cut and some services on the Sydney/Brisbane – Perth routes being downgauged from A330-200 to Boeing 737-800 service. This will lead to more A330-200 flying on the Sydney – Brisbane and Sydney – Melbourne routes.

QANTAS Announce Melbourne – Coolangatta Service.

QANTAS today announced a Melbourne – Coolangatta Boeing 737-800 service to commence on 25th October 2015. Schedules are as follows:

QF880 Melbourne 0900 – Coolangatta 1005 Sundays
QF881 Coolangatta 1055 – Melbourne 1410 Sundays

QF880 Melbourne 0925 – Coolangatta 1030 Fridays, Saturdays
QF881 Coolangatta 1110 – Melbourne 1425 Fridays, Saturdays

QF800 Melbourne 1035 – Coolangatta 1140 Thursdays
QF881 Coolangatta 1220 – Melbourne 1535 Thursdays

QF880 Melbourne 1055 – Coolangatta 1200 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
QF881 Coolangatta 1240 – Melbourne 1555 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.

QANTAS Drop Some Sydney – Los Angeles Services, Return to San Francisco.

QANTAS and American Airlines today announced that American Airlines will commence a Los Angeles – Sydney Three Class Boeing 777-300ER service from December 17th 2015. QANTAS will drop its Boeing 747-400/400ER Sydney – Los Angeles rotation from daily to 3 x weekly. The QANTAS Boeing 747-400/400ER freed by this will be used to re-start QANTAS service on the Sydney – San Francisco route from December 20th 2015. This will operate up to 6 x weekly.

QANTAS Confirm Return to Perth – Singapore Route.

QANTAS today confirmed that it will recommence service on the Perth – Singapore route from 26th June with a 5 x weekly Boeing 737-800 service operating to the following schedule:

QF71 Perth 1200 – Singapore 1720 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays
QF72 Singapore 1825 – Perth 2340 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays

QF71 Perth 1130 – Singapore 1650 Saturdays
QF72 Singapore 1750 – Perth 2305 Saturdays.

QANTAS Confirm Daily Brisbane – Tokyo Narita Service.

QANTAS today confirmed that its previously announced 4 x weekly Brisbane – Tokyo Narita service, scheduled to commence on 1st August 2015 will now operate as a daily service. Schedules are as follows:

QF61 Brisbane 1115 – Tokyo Narita 1925
QF62 Tokyo Nartia 2055 – Brisbane 0715+1.

QANTAS Announce Melbourne – Hamilton Island Service.

QANTAS today announced a twice weekly Melbourne – Hamilton Island Boeing 737-800 service to commence on 27th June, replacing Jetstar on the route. Schedules are as follows:

QF870 Melbourne 0900 – Hamilton Island 1210 Saturdays, Sundays
QF871 Hamilton Island 1250 – Melbourne 1550 Saturdays, Sundays.

QANTAS Confirm Further Vancouver Series.

QANTAS today confirmed that it will operate on the Sydney – Vancouver route during both the Northern and Southern summer peak periods this year with 13 returnBoeing 747-400/400ER flights operating from 20th June – 18th July 2015 and a further 20 return services operating between 12th December 2015 – 25th January 2016.

Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK Flight Number Changes.

Operations on QANTAS services from Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK changed today. The QF107/QF108 Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK rotation has been withdrawn. QF11 now shows as a Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK service, however this will be A380 operated from Sydney – Los Angeles and Boeing 747-400/400ER operated between Los Angeles and New York JFK. The B747-400/400ER at New York JFK then returns as QF18 New York JFK – Los Angeles – Sydney. A new QF17 Boeing 747-400/400ER Sydney – Los Angeles service commenced today.

QANTAS Confirm Tokyo Haneda Switch and New Tokyo Narita Services.

QANTAS today confirmed that its Sydney – Tokyo Narita service will switch to Tokyo Haneda from 1st August 2015. The service will remain daily and will operate with Boeing 747-400s to the following schedule:

QF25 Sydney 2040 – Tokyo Haneda 0530+1
QF26 Tokyo Haneda 2200 – Sydney 0830+1.

From the same date a new 4 x weekly Brisbane – Tokyo Narita A330-300 service will commence operating to the following schedule:

QF61 Brisbane 1115 – Tokyo Narita 1920
QF62 2055 Tokyo Narita – Brisbane 0655+1.

A 3 x weekly service from another Australian port to Tokyo Narita will be confirmed soon.


QANTAS Secures Tokyo Haneda Slots.

Reports today state that QANTAS has secured a slot pair at Tokyo Haneda airport. A new service announcement is expected shortly.

QANTASLink Operations Changes.

QANTAS today announced changes to QANTASLink operations from the start of the Winter 2015 timetable in March.

The two Dash 8-Q400s based at Perth will switch to the East Coast and their Western Australia flying will be taken over by Network Aviation Fokker 100s.

Adelaide will become a Dash 8-300 base with no Dash 8-Q400 flying.

QANTAS Announce Sydney – Vancouver Ski Series.

QANTAS today announced a limited Sydney – Vancouver Boeing 747-400 service to operate from 3rd – 22nd January 2015. Schedules are as follows:

QF75 Sydney 1450 – Vancouver 0945 Wednesdays, Saturdays
QF76 Vancouver 2345 – Sydney 1000+2 Thursdays, Sundays.

The long layover in Vancouver is in order to allow one crew to operate each roundtrip.

QANTAS Amends Americas Schedules.

QANTAS today announced an amended timetable to North and South America with the following changes:

The QF107/QF108 Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK service will be discontinued from 31st January 2015.

From 1st February 2015 the Boeing 747-400/400ER operated QF15/QF16 Brisbane – Los Angeles service will continue to New York JFK with the following timings:

QF15 Brisbane 1045 – 0640 Los Angeles 0855 – New York JFK 1715
QF16 New York JFK 1845 – 2140 Los Angeles 2355 – Brisbane 0655+2.

A new daily Boeing 747-400/400ER operated Sydney – Los Angeles service will commence on 1st February 2015 operating to the following schedule:

QF17 Sydney 1730 – Los Angeles 1410
QF18 Los Angeles 2350 – Sydney 0735+1.

This appears to be timed so that the aircraft can scheduled in conjunction with the QF63/QF64 Sydney – Johannesburg rotation.

The A380 operated QF11/QF12 Sydney – Los Angeles rotation will switch to a morning departure from 1st February 2015 as follows:

QF11 Sydney 0950 – Los Angles 0630
QF12 Los Angeles – Sydney 0630+2.

A new additional three times weekly Boeing 747-400ER operated Melbourne – Los Angeles service will commence on 21st January 2015 to the following schedule:

QF95 Melbourne 1745 – Los Angeles 1500 Wednesdays/Fridays/Sundays
QF96 Los Angeles 2030 – Melbourne 0500+2 Wednesdays/Fridays/Sundays.

From 21st February 2015 the QF27/QF28 Sydney – Santiago de Chile service will increase from 3 to 4 x weekly with an additional Friday departure.

Operationally this means there will be an additional 4 x weekly Boeing 747-400/400ER rotations across the Pacific.


QANTASLink to Cease Gove Services.

QANTASLink today officially announced that it will cease service on the Darwin – Gove – Cairns route in August 2014. The long standing service, currently operated by QANTASLink Boeing 717-200s, will be replaced by an Air North Embraer 170 service.

The final QF1944 Cairns – Gove – Darwin will operate on 16th August 2014.

The final QF1943 Darwin – Gove – Cairns will operate on 17th August 2014.

QANTASLink will retain direct Darwin – Cairns services.

QANTAS Announce Karratha – East Coast Withdrawal.

QANTAS today announced that it is to withdrawn its direct Boeing 737-800 links between East Coast cities and Karratha from the end of June 2014. Final flight dates are as follows:

23rd June 2014 – QF991/QF992 Melbourne – Karratha

24th June 2014 – QF993/QF994 Brisbane – Karratha

26th June 2014 – QF995/QF996 Sydney – Karratha.

QANTAS Announces A380 for Dallas-Fort Worth Route.

QANTAS today announced that A380s will replace Boeing 747-400ERs on the Sydney – Dallas-Fort Worth route from 29th September 2014. The use of the A380 will also mean First Class will be offered on the route for the first time and that the return QF8 will operate Dallas-Fort Worth – Sydney direct rather than via Brisbane as at present. Schedules have yet to be released, however services will be reduced from daily to 6 x weekly.

QANTAS Announce Revised A380 London Schedule.

QANTAS today announced its revised schedule on London Heathrow services which will reduce the number of aircraft required for London services from six to five aircraft. The new schedule, from July 20th, retimes the Melbourne services and means aircraft will fly a six day W pattern originating in Sydney. The aircraft schedule will be follows:

QF1 Sydney 1550 – Dubai 0035+1
QF1 Dubai 0215 – London Heathrow 0645

QF10 London Heathrow 1330 – Dubai 2325
QF10 Dubai 0115+1 – Melbourne 2055

QF9 Melbourne 2255 – Dubai 0705+1
QF9 Dubai 0905 – London Heathrow 1340

QF2 London Heathrow 2125 – Dubai 0720+1
QF2 Dubai 0920 – Sydney 0510+1.

One significant effect of the rescheduling is that the late Melbourne arrival of QF10 will eliminate all onward connections from Melbourne for that service, meaning all passengers wishing to connect to anywhere other than Sydney and Melbourne yet still fly on QANTAS aircraft will be forced to use the QF2 Sydney service.

QANTAS Announces Melbourne – Coffs Harbour Service.

QANTAS today announced a weekly Melbourne – Coffs Harbour Boeing 737-800 service to commence on 7th June 2014. Schedules are as follows:

QF868 Melbourne 1140 – Coffs Harbour 1335 Saturdays
QF869 Coffs Harbour 1415 – Melbourne 1615 Saturdays.

QANTAS Announces Sydney – Hervey Bay Service.

QANTAS today announced a twice weekly Sydney – Hervey Bay Boeing 717-200 service to commence on 17th May 2014. The service will use Two Class Boeing 717-200s sold as all Economy and operate to the following schedule:

QF1558 Sydney 1125 – Hervey Bay 1310 Saturdays, Sundays
QF1559 Hervey Bay 1350 – Sydney 1535 Saturdays, Sundays.

QANTASLink Announces Brisbane – Port Macquarie Service.

QANTASLink today announced a daily Brisbane – Port Macquarie Dash 8-Q400 service to commence on 1st May 2014. Schedules are as follows:

QF2821 Brisbane 1050 – Port Macquarie 1155 Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
QF2820 Port Macquarie 1220 – Brisbane 1325 Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

QF2821 Brisbane 1010 – Port Macquarie 1115 Wednesdays
QF2820 Port Macquarie 1140 – Brisbane 1245 Wednesdays

QF2821 Brisbane 1335 – Port Macquarie 1440 Sundays
QF2820 Port Macquarie 1505 – Brisbane 1610 Sundays.

QANTASLink Announces Brisbane – Miles Service.

QANTASLink today announced a 9 x weekly Brisbane – Miles Dash 8-200/300 service to commence on 14th April. Schedules are as follows:

QF2506 Brisbane 0925 – Miles 1025 Mondays – Fridays
QF2507 Miles 1050 – Brisbane 1150 Mondays – Fridasys

QF2508 Brisbane 1300 – Miles 1400 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
QF2509 Miles 1425 – Brisbane 1525 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

QANTAS To Cut Perth – Singapore.

QANTAS today announced that it will cut its last surviving Perth – Singapore rotation with the last services operating on 22nd July 2014. This will eliminate all QANTAS International flying from Perth.

QANTAS Announces Rio de Janeiro World Cup Flights.

QANTAS today announced the following extra Boeing 747-400ER services to co-incide with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

10th June 2014:
QF27 Sydney – Santiago de Chile – Rio de Janeiro
QF28 Rio de Janeiro – Santiago de Chile – Sydney

27th June 2014:
QF27 Sydney – Santiago de Chile – Rio de Janeiro
QF28 Santiago de Chile – Rio de Janeiro – Sydney

Addtionally the regular QF27/QF28 Sydney – Santiago de Chile service will be extended to Rio de Janeiro on 11th and 30th June 2014.

Qantas Withdraw Selected QF9/QF10 Rotations.

QANTAS have pulled the QF9/QF10 Melbourne – Dubai – London Heathrow rotation from their schedules on selected dates over the next few weeks. There will be no QF9 Melbourne – Dubai – London Heathrow services on 17th February, 11th March and 24th March and no return QF10 services on 18th February, 12th March and 25th March.

QANTAS Add Extra Weekly Sydney – Darwin Service.

QANTAS today announced an additional weekly Sydney – Darwin rotation to commence on 1st April 2014. The Boeing 737-800 service will operate on Tuesdays to the following schedule:

QF844 Sydney 1200 – Darwin 1500 Tuesdays
QF845 Darwin 1600 – Sydney 2150 Tuesdays.

QANTAS Increase Perth – Darwin Schedule.

QANTAS today announced a second direct Perth – Darwin rotation to operate twice weekly from 11th March 2014. Schedules for the Boeing 737-800 service are as follows:

QF800 Perth 1730 – Darwin 2235 Tuesdays, Thursdays
QF801 Darwin 0650 – Perth 0910 Wednesdays, Saturdays

QANTAS Increase Brisbane – Darwin Schedule.

QANTAS today announced a second daily Brisbane – Darwin rotation to commence once weekly on 19th February 2014 and moving to 4 x weekly by 15th March 2014. Schedules for the Boeing 737-800 service are as follows:

QF836 Brisbane 1135 – Darwin 1515 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
QF837 Darwin 1600 – Brisbane 2025 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.

QANTAS Announce New JetConnect Tasman Schedule.

QANTAS today announced a revised schedule for JetConnect operated Tasman services commencing on 27th October 2013. The revised schedule is:

QF123 Brisbane 0845 – Auckland 1505
QF125 Brisbane 1725 – Auckland 2345
QF124 Auckland 0650 – Brisbane 0725
QF126 Auckland 1555 – Brisbane 1630

QF151 Melbourne 0730 – Auckland 1310
QF153 Melbourne 1650 – Auckland 2230
QF155 Melbourne 1830 – Auckland 0010+1
QF152 Auckland 0655 – Melbourne 0905
QF154 Auckland 1340 – Melbourne 1550
QF156 Auckland 2135 – Melbourne 2345

QF171 Melbourne 0955 – Wellington 1530
QF172 Wellington 1540 – Melbourne 1740

QF141 Sydney 0730 – Auckland 1245
QF143 Sydney 1000 – Auckland 1515
QF145 Sydney 1135 – Auckland 1635
QF147 Sydney 1530 – Auckland 2045
QF149 Sydney 1830 – Auckland 2345
QF140 Auckland 0650 – Sydney 0825
QF142 Auckland 0900 – Sydney 1035
QF144 Auckland 1410 – Sydney 1545
QF146 Auckland 1605 – Sydney 1740
QF148 Auckland 1745 – Sydney 1920

QF139 Sydney 1850 – Christchurch 2355
QF138 Christchurch 0730 – Sydney 0850

QF161 Sydney 0935 – Wellington 1450
QF163 Sydney 1730 – Wellington 2245

QF162 Wellington 0705 – Sydney 0845
QF164 Wellington 1620 – Sydney 1800.

QANTAS Announce Singapore and Bangkok Aircraft Swap.

QANTAS today announced that it will operate Boeing 747-400s on the QF23/QF24 Sydney – Bangkok rotation from 1st December 2013 in place of A330-300s. As a result the QF5/QF6 Sydney – Singapore rotation will switch to A330-300 operation 7 days a week.

New Zealand Approved Qantas/Emirates Alliance.

New Zealand today approved the QANTAS/Emirates alliance meaning the two carriers can now codeshare on each other’s trans-Tasman services and permitting through codeshare operation from New Zealand – Europe.

QANTAS Hands Sydney – Ayers Rock to JetStar.

The long standing daily QF728/QF729 Sydney – Ayers Rock Boeing 737-800 rotation will end on 3rd June with JetStar commencing a 4 x weekly A320 service the following day.

QANTAS Frankfurt Withdrawal Brought Forward.

QANTAS today announced that the QF5/QF6 Sydney – Singapore – Frankfurt service, previously announced as continuing until October 2013, will now cease on 15th April.

QANTAS Ends International Adelaide Services.

QANTAS today announced that from 31st March its three times weekly QF81/QF82 Sydney – Adelaide – Singapore service will operate Sydney – Singapore direct, thus ending International QANTAS service from South Australia.

QANTAS Perth International Services Decimated.

QANTAS today announced the cessation of its QF67/QF68 Perth – Hong Kong A330-300 service from 31st March. From the same day Perth – Singapore services will reduce from double daily to daily with the withdrawal of the QF77/QF78 rotation.

Dubai Switch Goes Ahead Regardless of Emirates Codeshare Approval.

QANTAS today announced the schedules for its London services to operate via Dubai from 31st March 2013. This will go ahead regardless of whether government approval is granted for codeshare services with Emirates beyond Dubai.
Northbound schedules are:

QF1 Sydney 1605 – 0035+1 Dubai 0205+1 – London Heathrow 0635+1
QF9 Melbourne 1625 – 2335 Dubai 0110+1 – London Heathrow 0540+1.

QANTAS Frankfurt Services Get Six Month Reprieve.

The QF5/QF6 Sydney – Singapore – Frankfurt service, which had been scheduled to cease at on 30th March 2013 will now continue through to the end of the Southern Winter 2013 timetable in late October 2013.

QANTAS Announce New B747-400 Melbourne – Singapore Service.

QANTAS today announced that from 31st March 2013 a new daily Melbourne – Singapore Boeing 747-400 service will commence with the following timings:

QF35 Melbourne 1340 – Singapore 1920
QF36 Singapore 2135 – Melbourne 0655+1.

QANTAS Announce New A330-300 Sydney – Singapore Services.

QANTAS today announced new direct Sydney – Singapore QF81/QF82 A330-300 services will be introduced from 31st March 2013. The direct service will operate 4 x weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The existing 3 x weekly service via Adelaide will continue to operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Timings for the direct service are:
QF81 Sydney 0940 – Singapore 1600
QF82 Singapore 2015 – Sydney 0605+1.

Johannesburg Codeshare Reprieve.

The International Air Services Commission, which had previously ruled that QANTAS and South African Airways must end their codeshare arrangement on Australia – South Africa services at the end of this year, today announced its approval for the codeshare arrangement to continue for a further two years. Though an improvement on the previous decision QANTAS had been requesting an extension through to March 2016.

QANTASLink to Commence Sydney – Gladstone Service.

It was today announced that QANTASLink will commence services on the Sydney – Gladstone route from 4th March 2013. The Dash 8-Q400 service will initially operate to the following timings:

QF2120 Sydney 0615 – Gladstone 0740   

QF2121 Gladstone 0805 – Sydney 1125   

Operates Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.

QF2128 Sydney 1350 – Gladstone 1715   

QF2129 Gladstone 1740 – Sydney 2100

Operates Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.
Additionally Dash 8-Q400s will replace Dash 8-300s on certain Sydney – Albury, Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga services.

QANTAS and Emirates Services Analysis.

The QANTAS/Emirates agreement announced this morning allows us to get a better idea of the QANTAS International schedule from March 31st 2013.

The current QF1/2 and QF9/10 Sydney – Singapore – London Heathrow and Melbourne –Singapore – London Heathrow service will switch to operate via Dubai instead of Singapore. This will leave no QANTAS service between Singapore and London Heathrow. Additionally the QF5/6 Sydney – Singapore – Frankfurt service will be withdrawn.

QANTAS will codeshare on all Emirates European flights. This will mean an end to the current Singapore – Paris CDG codeshare on Air France and the Hong Kong – Rome Fiumicino codeshare on Cathay Pacific,

QANTAS will also codeshare on all Emirates services from Australia – Dubai and from Dubai – North Africa.

As with Singapore, QANTAS will be able to sell Dubai – London Heathrow and vice versa tickets. However the real benefit will be the Emirates codeshare on the QANTAS operated Dubai – London Heathrow legs. With any two leg flight the airline is better off selling A-B and B-C tickets rather than A-C tickets. The problem is matching the demand on the A-B and B-C legs of the journey. The beauty of the new arrangement is that Emirates will soon go to 5 x A380s daily on the Dubai – London Heathrow route and would operate more if it could secure the slots at Heathrow.

QANTAS will see a decrease in the number of passengers flying Sydney – London Heathrow because there are no so many one stop connections available at Dubai through to Europe. However for every QANTAS passenger leaving the A380 at Dubai, Emirates will be able to closely match with a passenger connecting from its Middle East, Far East, North African and Indian networks to occupy a seat on the QANTAS operated Dubai – London Heathrow sector.

The agreement means that for passengers originating in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth it will no longer be possible to fly to London on a QANTAS aircraft unless transiting through Sydney or Melbourne.

With all Emirates services from Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to Dubai on which QANTAS will codeshare currently operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft this means 3-4-3 seating for Economy passengers and 2-3-2 lie-flat (sloped) seating for Business Class passengers for the longest leg of the journey to Europe. Notwithstanding Emirates superior IFE, both of these would be considered inferior to the current A330 2-4-2 Economy and 2-2-2 Business Class lie-flat product that was previously used on the shorter leg of the journey. First Class will become available once again from Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth however.

The official statement continued:

“With European services transiting through Dubai, Qantas’ Asian services will no longer be a subsidiary of the ‘Kangaroo Route’. Instead they will be dedicated to connecting Australians with our region, and Asian visitors to Australia.

“We will increase dedicated capacity to Singapore and re-time flights to Singapore and Hong Kong to enable more ‘same day’ connections across Asia. We believe this will significantly improve the economics of our Asian operations.”

These would appear to be weasel words. It does not matter to the current Australia – Asia passenger that their flight continues through to Europe. It has also never been disclosed by QANTAS what percentage of seats on the current QF1/2, QF5/QF6 and QF9/10 services are dedicated to Australia – UK and Australia – Asia /Asia – UK passengers. Therefore the airline can replace the current 1 x A380 and 1 x B744 on the Sydney – Singapore route with 1 x A332 and still claim an increase in available Australia – Asia seats.

The switch of the QF1/2, QF9/10 services from Singapore to Dubai does not create any extra aircraft availability.

With the Boeing 747-400 fleet to be reduced to 9 aircraft the QF5/QF6 Sydney – Singapore – Frankfurt service was always going to be canned since there would not be enough aircraft to operate it; the nine remaining B747-400s being fully utilised (2 x QF107/108 Sydney – Los Angeles – New York JFK, 2 x QF15/QF16 Brisbane – Los Angeles, 2 x QF7/QF8 Sydney – Dallas-Fort Worth, 2 x Sydney – Johannesburg and 1 x Sydney – Santiago). Therefore unless any of these services are withdrawn all Australia – Asia flying will have to be accommodated by the existing fleet of 4 x A330-200s and 10 x A330-300s. A380s may remain on certain Sydney – Hong Kong sectors but overall this means the withdrawal of First and Premium Economy on QANTAS operated Australia – Asia routes.

Emirates currently operate Sydney – Bangkok, Brisbane – Singapore, Melbourne – Singapore and Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur and QANTAS will codeshare on these services, and will thus be able to claim an increase in available seats.

QANTAS and Emirates Codeshare Partnership Official.

The full press statement of the QANTAS/Emirates partnership announced this morning reads as follows:

Qantas and Emirates today announced a new global aviation partnership that will give their customers a seamless Australian and international network, exclusive frequent flyer benefits and world-class travel experiences.

Under the agreement signed this morning by Emirates President Tim Clark and Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce, Qantas will move its hub for European flights to Dubai and enter an extensive commercial relationship with Emirates.

The 10-year partnership will go beyond codesharing and includes integrated network collaboration with coordinated pricing, sales and scheduling as well as a benefit-sharing model. Neither airline will take equity in the other.

Qantas will launch daily A380 services from both Sydney and Melbourne to London via Dubai, meaning that together Emirates and Qantas will offer 98 weekly services between Australia and Dubai. Qantas will be the only other airline operating to Terminal 3 and the new purpose-built A380 concourse at Dubai International Airport.

The partnership will give Qantas customers one-stop access to more than 70 Emirates destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For Emirates customers it will open up Qantas’ Australian domestic network of more than 50 destinations and 5,000 flights per week. The carriers will also coordinate on their services between Australia and New Zealand and services between Australia and South East Asia.

The Emirates and Qantas frequent flyer programs will be aligned, giving customers expanded opportunities to earn and redeem points. Emirates and Qantas will provide reciprocal access to tier status benefits including end-to-end customer recognition, lounge access, priority check-in and boarding and other exclusive services.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the partnership would deliver unprecedented benefits to Qantas customers and mark a decisive step forward in the Group’s strategy.

“Emirates is the ideal partner for Qantas,” Mr Joyce said. “It has a wonderful brand, a modern fleet, an uncompromising approach to quality and it flies to the A-list of international destinations.

“This is the most significant partnership the Qantas Group has ever formed with another airline, moving past the traditional alliance model to a new level. It will deliver benefits to all parts of the Group.

“As the world’s largest international airline, with a network that perfectly complements our own, Emirates will help us give our customers across Australia a dramatically expanded range of travel options.

“Together with Emirates, Qantas will provide a unique ‘one stop’ hub service, as well as deeply integrated frequent flyer and customer benefits.

“The partnership delivers on all four pillars of the Qantas Group’s international strategy: it will see us fly to the global gateway city of Dubai, provide some of the world’s best travel experiences through both Qantas and Emirates, improve our network in Asia, and, crucially, help build a strong Qantas International business for the long term.

“There will be considerable benefits for the broader economy as we collaborate with industry to drive more inbound trade and tourism.

All stated characteristics of the partnership are subject to regulatory approval.

“I very much look forward to working with Tim and everyone at Emirates as we develop this exciting, transformative partnership.”

“The time was right to develop a long-term partnership with Qantas, the iconic Australian airline,” said Tim Clark, President of Emirates.

“Since our first flights began in 1996, Australia has long been a popular destination for Emirates leisure and business travellers, making it one of the top three destinations in our network.

“By establishing this partnership we are providing our passengers with additional connectivity in Australia and the region, the ability to utilise reciprocal frequent flyer benefits and access to premium lounges and travel experiences.”

The airlines will submit an application for interim authorisation to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in order to begin commercial planning. Subject to regulatory approval, it is anticipated that the partnership will commence in April 2013.

Broader Qantas network changes: Qantas will restructure its Asian network to strengthen its focus on services to and within the region.

“We currently have an Asian flying schedule based on travelling via Asia to Europe,” Mr Joyce said. “But our Australian business customers want better access to Asia, and we have been looking to address this for some time.”

“With European services transiting through Dubai, Qantas’ Asian services will no longer be a subsidiary of the ‘Kangaroo Route’. Instead they will be dedicated to connecting Australians with our region, and Asian visitors to Australia.

“We will increase dedicated capacity to Singapore and re-time flights to Singapore and Hong Kong to enable more ‘same day’ connections across Asia. We believe this will significantly improve the economics of our Asian operations.”

Qantas will also withdraw from the Singapore-Frankfurt route. While this service has been underperforming for some time, and withdrawal was inevitable, the partnership with Emirates will enable it to take place with minimal impact on Qantas customers.

QANTAS/BA Joint Services Agreement to End.

As a result of the QANTAS/Emirates agreement the long standing QANTAS/British Airways Joint Service Agreement on the Kangaroo route will end on 31st March 2013. The full statement read:

International Airlines Group’s wholly owned subsidiary British Airways and Qantas have agreed to terminate their joint business from 31 March 2013. This follows Qantas’ announcement that it is entering a new global partnership with Emirates.

The joint business was established in 1995 to enable close commercial cooperation on Qantas and British Airways services between the Australia and the UK. The airlines will continue to work together as part of the oneworld alliance and through bilateral codeshares.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said: “Over the past 17 years the joint business with British Airways has been central to the Qantas network.

“However, global operating conditions have changed and partnership with Emirates is the right strategy for Qantas.

“I’d like to thank IAG CEO Willie Walsh and British Airways CEO Keith Williams for their support of the joint business and I look forward to a continued strong relationship in future.”

IAG chief executive Willie Walsh said: “We’re ending the joint business on amicable terms and support Qantas’ decision to work with Emirates. The world has changed since 1995 when the joint business started. This is a small part of our overall network and this move fits in with changes in our global strategy. Asia has become a key market focus for IAG and we’re talking to a number of airlines about alternative options for us.

“Qantas has made it clear that its international performance has been weak and the termination of the joint business won’t have any negative impact on IAG’s financial targets. The good relationship that we have with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and his team will continue through our joint membership of Oneworld”.

Qantas will contact any customers due to travel after 31 March 2013 whose bookings may be affected by changes to the joint business, to discuss alternative travel options.

QANTAS Announce Gold Coast Return.

QANTAS will re-launch services on the Sydney – Coolangatta route from October. Flights will operate to the following timings:

QF860 Sydney 0710 – Coolangatta 0735
QF861 Coolangatta 0815 – Sydney 1035

QF862 Sydney 1145 – Coolangatta 1210
QF863 Coolangatta 1250 – Sydney 1510

QF864 Sydney 1635 – Coolangatta 1700
QF865 Coolangatta 1740 – Sydney 2000.

Flights will operate with Boeing 737-800s.

The former QANTAS Club lounge at Coolangatta, currently used by JetStar, will revert to QANTAS Club status.