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QANTAS News January 2011

30th January 2011 - Chinese New Year Flights.

Extra sectors will be operated from Hong Kong - Australia this week due to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

VH-QPF today operated QF180 Hong Kong - Brisbane which will also operate on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

VH-QPJ positioned Sydney - Hong Kong today to provide the extra capacity in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile extra Hong Kong - Sydney flights will operate this week as QF182 today (A330-300), QF182 on Wednesday (A330-200), QF162 on Thursday (Boeing 747-400) and QF182 on Friday (A330-300).

29th January 2011 - ZK-JTS operates final Jet Connect service.

Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTS operated its final service for JetConnect as QF115 Brisbane - Auckland today. The aircraft is expected to return to QANTAS mainline as VH-TJZ.

29th January 2011 - VH-OJT back in service.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJT positioned Bangkok - Sydney as QF6021 returning to passenger service as QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow.

27th January 2011 - VH-OJT 747 adjustments.

Following the return to Bangkok of VH-OJT on 25th the following schedules have been flown.

On 26th VH-OJJ V-podded an engine to Bangkok as QF6018. This returned on 27th as QF2D with the passengers from the VH-OJT flight.

The use of VH-OJJ on the V-pod flight left no aircraft to operate QF5 to Singapore and Frankfurt on 26th and so passengers were accommodated in Sydney and the flight left on 27th at 0900 using VH-OJE which had arrived on QF22 from Tokyo Narita.

Meanwhile in an unrelated incident VH-OJS departed Melbourne as QF9 to Singapore and London Heathrow 5 hours 20 minutes late today due to a cracked cockpit window. A spare was sourced from Avalon.

26th January 2011 - VH-OQB Sydney Flyover.

Airbus A380 VH-OQB operated an Australia Day flyover across Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour today as QF6003.

25th January 2011 - VH-OJT QF2 return to Bangkok.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJT operating QF2 from Bangkok - Sydney returned to Bangkok around 30 minutes into the flight after crew noticed one of the engines consuming fuel at a far higher rate than normal. Passengers were accommodated overnight. Sister VH-OJJ was despatched from Sydney as QF6018 V-podding a 5th engine to Bangkok in order for a swap to be performed on VH-OJT.

25th January 2011 - VH-TJH QF670 de-pressurisation.

Boeing 737-400 VH-TJH operating QF670 Adelaide - Melbourne  suffered a de-pressurisation around 30 minutes from Melbourne. The aircraft made a controlled raid descent from 38,000 ft to 10,000 ft and oxygen masks were automatically deployed. The aircraft landed safely with no injuries.

23rd January 2011 - VH-OEH Antarctic Charter.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEH performed the QF2901 charter from Sydney - Sydney over Antarctica today.

22nd January 2011 - A380 VH-OQC back in service.

Airbus A380 VH-OQC returned to service today operating QF11 Sydney - Los Angeles. This means QANTAS now has seven A380s in service with VH-OQA still awaiting repair at Singapore.

21st January 2011 - VH-VZD Lightning Strike.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VZD was struck by lightning on approach to Broome whilst operating QF1070 from Perth. The aircraft continued for a safe landing but sustained damage to the rudder and outer skin. The return flight was therefore cancelled. The aircraft will be ferried to Perth in due course.

20th January 2011 - New WA flights announced.

QANTAS will base an additional Boeing 737-800 at Perth from 27th March which will strengthen schedules from Perth to Broome, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Port Hedland and open up new 737 services to Newman and Paraburdoo.

New flights announced are:

QF1092 Perth 0700 - Newman 0840 Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat

QF1093 Newman 0925 - Perth 1105 Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat

Paraburdoo schedules are not yet released.

QANTASLink have announced a new 3 x per week Boeing 717 service from Perth to Exmouth commencing on 31st March. Schedules are yet to be announced.

QANTAS have announced an extra 4 x Perth - Melbourne return flights per week to be operated by International configuration Airbus A330-300s. These are:

QF772 Perth 1050 - Melbourne 1625 Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun

QF773 Melbourne 1745 - Perth 1950 (1955 Sun) Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun

On Mondays the aircraft comes from QF77 Perth - Singapore and Monday’s QF72 Singapore - Perth not operating.

On Wednesdays and Fridays the aircraft will come from the QF68 from Hong Kong departing again as QF67 to Hong Kong.

Aircraft provision for the Sunday flight is not yet clear.

19th January 2011 - VH-QPC on PER-BNE.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPC today operated QF650 Perth - Brisbane and QF597 Brisbane - Perth. This is the first recorded appearance of A330-300 equipment on this route.

18th January 2011 - VH-OJA QF107 Diversion.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA operating flight QF107 from Sydney - Los Angeles diverted to Nadi due to a malfunctioning fuel valve on the #4 engine. Passengers were accommodated overnight and sister Boeing 747-438 VH-OJN was despatched from Sydney as QF6020 to continue the flight on 19th.

11th January 2011 - A380 USA Return confirmed.

QANTAS confirmed the return of A380 services to Los Angeles today. The first service will be QF93 Melbourne - Los Angeles on 16th January. This aircraft appears to come from QF10 arriving into Melbourne that morning. On arrival in Los Angeles the aircraft will turn around to operate QF12 to Sydney. No other Melbourne - Los Angeles services are scheduled for A380 operation in January.

On 17th January regular 3 x per week A380 operation will commence on QF11/12 Sydney - Los Angeles flights.

11th January 2011 - VH-OGR substitutes again.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 again substituted for an A330-300 today, this time on the QF19/20 Sydney - Manila rotation.

10th January 2011 - VH-OGR in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGR again operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual A330-300.

10th January 2011 - QF94 diversion.

QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne operated by Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEH diverted via Sydney today.

10th January 2011 - QF124 diversion.

QF124 Auckland - Brisbane operated by Boeing 737-400 ZK-JTP again diverted via Sydney today.

9th January 2011 - VH-OGR in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 7670-338 VH-OGR operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual A330-300.

8th January 2011 - ZK-JST QF124 Brisbane weather diversion.

QF124 from Auckland operated by Boeing 737-400 ZK-JTS diverted via Sydney.

7th January 2011 - Brisbane weather diversions.

Storms closed Brisbane airport for periods today resulting in the following diversions:

QF124 Boeing 737-400 ZK-JTS from Auckland diverted via Coolangatta.

QF969 Boeing 737-800 VH-VZA from Townville diverted via Coolangatta.

QF799 Boeing 737-800 VH-VYE from Cairns diverted via Coolangatta.

6th January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGP QF430 return to Melbourne.

Boeing 767-338 operating QF430 Melbourne - Sydney returned to Melbourne after crew could not properly retract the flaps following take off. A safe landing was conducted though at higher speed than normal. Sister 767-338 VH-OGS completed the flight.ted the flight.

6th January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGU in further A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGU operated the QF19/20 Sydney - Manila rotation today in place of the scheduled A330-300.

5th January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGU in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGU operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual Airbus A330-300. These substitutions are occurring as there is no 747-400 available for the scheduled QF127/128 Sydney - Hong Kong rotation which is instead being operated by A330s.

5th January 2011 - JetConnect Fleet Plans.

The next three JetConnect Boeing 737-800s, ZK-ZQD, ZK-ZQE and ZK- ZQF are all scheduled for delivery in February. Boeing 737-400 ZK-JTS will leave the fleet in late January and return to QANTAS mainline service as VH-TJZ after maintenance and configuration change. There is no word on the Business Class seating for the new 737-800s which could feature the same seats as the existing JetConnect 737-800s or the seating found on mainline A330-300s VH-EBO and VH-EBP.

4th January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGB in further A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGB again operated the QF19/20 Sydney - Manila rotation today in place of the usual Airbus A330. This flight had been scheduled to be operated by an A330-200 rather than the scheduled A330-300 operations VH-OGB has deputised on over the last two days.

3rd January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGB in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGB again operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual Airbus A330-300.

3rd January 2011 - A380 Los Angeles return?

Whilst QANTAS schedules have shown A380 operations recommending on the Sydney - Los Angeles route from 18th January for weeks we have not reported this as Boeing 747 substitutions were being entered into the system around twenty days ahead of time. However QF11 is still showing as scheduled for A380 operation on 18th January with A380 operations shown on QF11/12 on alternate days for the following two weeks. This could be achieved with one aircraft. The directive on A380 engine examinations has now be relaxed so that all engines must be examined every 200 cycles.

2nd January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGB in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGB operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual Airbus A330-300.

1st January 2011 - Rockhampton Airport Closed.

Rockhampton airport closed today due to flooding and will remained closed until at least 11th January. All QANTASLink services are therefore suspended.

1st January 2011 - 767-300 VH-OGR on Hong Kong service.

International configured Boeing 767-338 VH-OGR today operated the QF127/128 Sydney - Hong Kong  rotation.

1st January 2011 - A330-200 VH-EBG returns to Sydney.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBG operating QF41 Sydney - Jakarta returned to Sydney after the crew received a cabin pressurisation warning. Engineers checked the aircraft at Sydney and determined that the indication was false and the aircraft then proceeded with the flight.

18th January 2011 - QANTASLink 717 test flight.

Following the announcement by the Western Australian government of the deregulation of air services QANTASLink Boeing 717 VH-NXQ operated the following proving flights today.

QF6658 Perth - Geraldton - Learmonth.

QF6659 Learmonth - Perth.

17th January 2011 - A380 VH-OQI enters service.

Airbus A380 VH-OQI entered service today operating QF31 to Singapore and London Heathrow.

16th January 2011 - QF129 747-400 operations.

The QF129/QF130 Sydney - Shanghai rotation will be operated by Boeing 747-400 aircraft for the next few days. The inaugural 747 flight was operated by 4 Class Kangaroo configuration 747-438 VH-OJP.

16th January 2011 - VH-OGS in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGS operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the scheduled A330-300.

16th January 2011 - A380 to USA resumes.

A380 operation to Los Angeles resumed today with VH-OQD operating QF93 Melbourne - Los Angeles. This will return as QF12 to Sydney with a Boeing 747-438ER operating the return QF94. As of tomorrow A380 operations on the QF11/12 Sydney - Los Angeles will resume every other day.

No further Melbourne operations are scheduled until 9th February when QF93 will commence A380 operations every Wednesday. Again these aircraft will return on flights to Sydney. No A380 operations are yet scheduled for QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne. As the longest flight taking off from Los Angeles’ short runways this is the flight that would require the most thrust  and indicates that there may still be limitations on maximum thrust on the A380 fleet.

15th January 2011 - 747 VH-OJO engine failure.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJO suffered a compressor failure on the No 1 engine shortly after beginning its take off roll at Sydney whilst operating QF11 to Los Angeles. The aircraft returned to the terminal and the flight eventually went ahead operated by sister aircraft VH-OJL.

14th January 2011 - A380 VH-OQI on delivery.

Flight QF6024 is en route from Toulouse routing Toulouse - Singapore

-Sydney. This is Airbus A380 VH-OQI on delivery and due into Sydney at 1550 on 15 January. VH-OQH is expected within the next two weeks.

14th January 2011 - LAX-JFK back to daily.

The A330-200 operated QF107/QF108 Los Angeles - New York JFK service will be increased from six per week to daily. Tuesday flights commence on 7th June 2011.

14th January 2011 - QANTAS drop San Francisco.

With the launch of Sydney - Dallas-Fort Worth on May 16th the QF73/74 Sydney - San Francisco rotation will be dropped. The final flights will be on 14th May.

14th January 2011 - Sydney - Dallas Official.

QANTAS today made official the new QF7/QF8 Sydney - Dallas-Fort  Worth service commencing on May 16th.

This will operate 4 x weekly departing Sydney on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 1325 arriving at Dallas-Fort Worth same day at 1350. This makes for a 15 hour 25 minute flight time.

Returns depart Dallas-Fort Worth at 2200 on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday arriving in Brisbane at 0500 two days later. This makes for a 16 hour flight time. These flights then continue to Sydney after 90 minutes on the ground in Brisbane. Block to block time Dallas - Sydney is 19 hours 5 minutes. The majority of traffic at both ends of the route is expected to be connecting traffic and so the Brisbane stop is not a problem since Brisbane offers connections to the majority of Australian destinations as does Sydney.

Flights will be operated by Boeing 747ER aircraft and sold as Business/Premium Economy/Economy. The usual First Class cabin will be designated as Business Class and for Chairman’s Lounge and Platinum Frequent Flyer members. The rear two rows of Business Class on the main deck will be sold as Premium Economy for Chairman’s Lounge and Platinum Frequent Flyers, along with rows 34 and 35 of the normal Premium Economy cabin. Normal Premium Economy rows 36-39 will be sold as Economy for Chairman’s Lounge and Platinum Frequent Flyers along with the normal Economy cabin. This gives a 66J/W26/215Y configuration.

QANTAS will receive a rebate on fees from Dallas-Fort Worth airport totally US$3.1 Million over the first two years of the service. This will more than cover all landing fees and airport charges for the period with the surplus to be used for marketing.

14th January 2011 - VH-OGB in A330-300 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGB operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the scheduled A330-300.

13th January 2011 - VH-OGS substutes again.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGS again operated the QF19/20 Sydney -  Manila rotation today in place of the usual A330-300.

13th January 2011 - Sydney - Dallas to begin?

The long rumoured Sydney - Dallas-Forth Worth service appeared as a shell in GDS systems yesterday. This means that details of the flight have appeared but without inventory being loaded for sale.

This shows the following schedule commencing on May 16th:

QF7 Sydney 1325 - Dallas Fort-Worth 1350 Mon/Tue/Wed.

QF8 Dallas Fort-Worth 2200 - Brisbane 0500+2 Mon/Tue/Wed.

QF8 Brisbane 0630 - Sydney 0805 Wed/Thu/Fri.

Whether this is an intended service or a test of systems is unclear. Certainly the intention to operate only three times per week and have those flights on consecutive days seems extremely odd.

12th January 2011 - VH-OGS in A330 substitution.

International configuration Boeing 767-338 VH-OGR again operated the QF41/42 Sydney - Jakarta rotation today in place of the usual A330-300.

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