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QANTAS News July 2010

29th July 2010 - Further First Class re-instatement delays.

The return of First Class service has once again been delayed, this time until 19th January 2011, on QF17/18 Sydney - Buenos Aires and return and QF73/74 Sydney - San Francisco and return.

28th July 2010 - Temporary QANTAS A380 service reductions.

A380 service will be reduced from 15th September - 30th November with 747-400 operations on QF11/12 Sydney - Los Angeles and return up to three times per week and on QF31/32 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow up to three times per week. This is due to one aircraft undergoing “C” check in Frankfurt.

26th July 2010 - Boeing 737-800 VH-VXR fails again.

Having been released back into service VH-VXR once again returned to Sydney with technical problems with the aircraft anti-ice system, this time whilst operating QF510 to Brisbane. The flight continued with replacement aircraft VH-VXD.

25th July 2010 - Boeing 737-800 VH-VXR returns to Sydney with de-icing problem.

Boeing 737-800 VH-VXR today returned to Sydney after take-off on QF922 to Cairns after a technical problem with the aircraft anti-ice system. The flight continued with replacement aircraft VH-VYF.

11th July 2010 - Cargo Hold noise turns back A380 VH-OQB.

A380 VH-OQB performing QF32 London Heathrow - Singapore - Sydney turned back to Heathrow around 90 minutes into the flight and above Poland when strange noises were heard from the cargo hold. The aircraft dumped fuel over Prague before returning to London. No abnormalities were found in the hold but due to crew duty hours the flight could not depart again and remained overnight in London before departing at 11.12 on Monday 12th.

5th July 2010 - New QANTAS Pacific and Japan operations commence.

A330-200 VH-EBG departed Sydney this morning as QF141 as the first A330 to fly the new rotation that takes the aircraft to Auckland as QF141, Los Angeles as QF25, then New York JFK as QF107, returning as QF108 to Los Angeles, QF26 to Auckland and QF114 to Sydney.

2 Class 747-400 operated QF26 into Auckland this morning and operated to Sydney as QF114.

QF21 Sydney - Tokyo, scheduled from now to be operated by 2 Class 747-400s, was operated today by 4 Class 747-400 VH-OJO.

3rd July 2010 - Boeing 747-400 VH-OJL returns to service.

After being in storage at Avalon since 2nd February 2010 747-400 VH-OJL today undertook a full flight test as QF6196 routing Avalon - Sydney via King’s Island. The test flight was successful and the aircraft returned to service today as QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow.

1st July 2010 - New QANTAS A380 VH-OQH on the move.

Qantas’ eight A380, VH-OQH, flew today from Finkenwerder to Toulouse. The aircraft is in primer with a plain white tail.

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22nd July 2010 - QANTASLink orders 7 further Dash8-Q400s.

QANTAS and Bombardier announced the order of a further seven Dash 8-Q400 aircraft for QANTASLink. The aircraft will be NextGen models with improved cabins and larger overhead bins. No delivery dates have been announced as yet.

14th July 2010 - Further QANTAS WA expansion announced.

QANTAS today announced further expansion of Western Australian services to commence in September. This involves an increase in capacity on routes from Perth to Paraburdoo, Port Hedland and Karratha plus an increase in frequency on the Brisbane - Karratha route to twice weekly and a new weekly service from Melbourne - Port Hedland. Services are to be operated with 737-800 and QANTASLink 717 equipment.

14th July 2010 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner Deliveries Brought Forward.

QANTAS today announced that it has sealed a deal to bring forward delivery of eight Boeing 787-8s by around two years meaning that the aircraft will now begin arriving mid- 2012. The initial eight aircraft will go to JetStar for International operations allowing A330-200s to transfer to QANTAS. The remaining 43 aircraft in the order will consist of a further seven 787-8s which are expected to go to JetStar and 35 787-9s which will go to QANTAS to replace the 767-300 fleet. Deliveries of these aircraft are set to commence in 2014.