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QANTAS News March 2011

31st March 2011 - QF19 Brisbane aircraft swap.

For the second time this month QANTAS swapped the aircraft on the QF19 Sydney - Brisbane - Manila service at Brisbane. A330-300 VH-QPD operated from Sydney - Brisbane. The service was then taken over by sister aircraft VH-QPB which had arrived into Brisbane as QF52 from Singapore. VH-QPD worked forward from Brisbane as QF97 to Hong Kong.

29th March 2011 - Tokyo Service Adjustments.

In light of a drop in demand for services to Tokyo the QF21/22 Sydney - Tokyo service will revert back from Boeing 747-400 to Airbus A330-300 equipment on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays commending on 10th May to 3rd July. A330-200s will still operate the Wednesday Sydney departure.

The QF79/80 Perth - Tokyo Boeing 767 service will be withdrawn with the last flight operating from Perth on May 6th.

29th March 2011 - 767 withdrawals brought forward.

In response to current oil prices and reduced Japanese flying QANTAS is to bring forward the planned withdrawal of two Boeing 767-300s. One is expected to be VH-OGB which is already being advertised for sale. The identity of the second aircraft is not yet clear.

28th March 2011 - QF51 747-400 Switch.

The QF51/52 Brisbane - Singapore rotation will be operated by Boeing 747-400 aircraft in place of the usual A330-300 from 9th May - 4th July 2011.

This route is sold as a two-class route so some cosmetic configurations are likely to be flown with 3 and 4 Class aircraft permitting high-tier frequent flyers to sit in a superior seat to the one they have paid for.

27th March 2011 - New QF30 timings from today.

QF30 London Heathrow - Hong Kong - Melbourne switched to a night time departure from London today. The new timings are:

LHR 2230 - 1720+1 HKG 1855 - 0655+1 MEL.

This provides better connections in each direction to and from the QF67/68 Perth, QF87/88 Sydney and QF97/98 Brisbane services and so helps relieve pressure on the Heathrow - Singapore services. The initial flight under the new timings was operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJP.

27th March 2011 - VH-OEG positions to Hong Kong.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEG positioned Melbourne - Hong Kong as QF6021 today.

27th March 2011 - VH-OJA QF6 Kuala Lumpur Diversion:

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA operating QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney (depart Frankfurt 26th March) diverted to Kuala Lumpur en route to Singapore. The aircraft was on the ground for around 3 hours 15 minutes in Kuala Lumpur before continuing to Singapore and then Sydney.

As all other flights were getting into and out of Singapore on time the diversion must be presumed mechanical or medical.

27th March 2011 - VH-OEB Grand Prix flypast:

Formula 1 livered Boeing 747-48E VH-OEB operated Sydney - Sydney with a flypast of the Australia Grand Prix as QF6620.

26th March 2011 - A330 VH-QPH on QF79:

QF79 Perth - Tokyo Narita, currently operating via Hong Kong, was operated today by A330-300 VH-QPH rather than the usual International configuration Boeing 767-300.

As the flight operated via Hong Kong it did not come under ETOPS rules. We understand that ETOPS Perth departures can only currently be operated by the 767

26th March 2011 - VH-TJO QF587 return to Adelaide:

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJO operating QF587 Adelaide - Perth returned to Adelaide approximately 40 minutes after take off due to smoke from the rear galley. The same aircraft completed the flight arriving into Perth around three and a half hours late. QANTAS stated that there was no fire however smoke was produced due to an electrical fault in an oven. This oven was switched off before the return to Adelaide.

15th March 2011 - VH-VXR QF671 return to Melbourne.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VXR operating flight QF671 from Melbourne - Adelaide returned to Melbourne around 15 minutes after take-off having levelled off at 7,000 ft after a burning smell became evident in the cabin.

Replacement Boeing 737-838 VH-VXJ operated the flight with a delay of around 3 hours.

14th March 2011 - A380 VH-OQC back from C Check.

Airbus A380 VH-OQC began it’s ferry flight from Lufthansa Technik in Frankfurt to Melbourne via Singapore as QF6024. The aircraft has been at Lufthansa Technik since 25th February.

11th March 2011 - Japanese earthquake delays.

Following the powerful earthquake in Japan today’s QF21 Sydney - Tokyo Narita and QF79 Perth - Tokyo Narita have been delayed until Saturday morning 12th March.

Tonight’s QF22 Tokyo Narita - Sydney has been delayed until 1900 on Saturday.

10th March 2011 - VH-QPH QF52 delay.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPH arrived into Brisbane over 15 hours late whilst operating QF52 from Singapore (depart Singapore 9th March). The delay appears to have been due to technical issues in Singapore as the aircraft had arrived into Singapore on time as QF52 from Mumbai.

The delay caused no knock on effects as the aircraft was scheduled to be on the ground all day in Brisbane before operating QF97 to Hong Kong late at night. This flight departed on time.

9th March 2011 - VH-OJU QF29 Warsaw Diversion.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJU operating flight QF29 Hong Kong - London Heathrow diverted to Warsaw due to a medical emergency. The aircraft was on the ground for an hour and three quarters before continuing to London.

6th March 2011 - Christchurch - Adelaide Charter.

The earthquake damaged University of Canterbury in Christchurch has arranged for over 300 students to continue their courses at the University of Adelaide. A Boeing 747-400 was chartered today to relocate students, lecturers and equipment. The charter routed as follows operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJI:

QF6001 Sydney 0630 - Christchurch 1125

QF6036 Christchurch 1325 - Adelaide 1510

QF6002 Adelaide 1725 - Sydney 1940.

3rd March 2011 - QF19 Brisbane aircraft swap.

QF19 on its once per week Sydney - Brisbane - Manila routing was operated as far as Brisbane by A330-300 VH-QPA before continuing with sister VH-QPH. VH-QPA operated out of Brisbane as QF97 to Hong Kong.

3rd March 2011 - VH-TJI QF1079 Diversion.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJI operating QF1097 Mount Isa - Brisbane encountered severe weather on the approach to Brisbane and diverted to Coolangatta. After 55 minutes on the ground in Coolangatta where the aircraft was checked by engineering the flight continued to Brisbane.

3rd March 2011 - ZK-ZQE QF38 Diversion.

Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQE operating QF38 from Wellington - Melbourne experienced air-conditioning problems on the climb out from Wellington and levelled off at 17,000ft. The aircraft circled to burn fuel before landing in Auckland after 3 hours and 24 minutes in the air. Replacement Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQD operated the flight from Auckland.

1st March 2011 - VH-OJD back in Sydney.

After 3 days of operating the QF72/QF71 Singapore - Perth rotation Boeing 747-438 VH-OJD positioned Singapore - Sydney today as QF6007. QF72/71 returned to the normal A330-300 equipment.

The QANTAS Source - News Archive.

24th March 2011 - ZK-JTR final service.

Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTR operated its final service for JetConnect today as QF115 Brisbane - Auckland. The aircraft will be withdrawn from QANTAS service and is expected to be sold.

24th March 2011 - Scheduled QF18 Diversions:

QF18 Buenos Aires - Sydney will operate via Christchurch on 31st August 2011 and via Auckland on 5th and 7th September 2011.

It now appears that these diversions are in connection with the Rugby World Cup rather than operation diversions due to the non-availability of the 747-438ER aircraft required for non stop services.

24th March 2011 - VH-OGB listed for sale.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGB, currently the oldest aircraft in the QANTAS mainline passenger fleet, has been listed for sale and is therefore expected to be withdrawn from service shortly.

23rd March 2011 - VH-EBL QF20 Cairns Diversion.

QF20 Manila - Sydney operated by A330-200 VH-EBL diverted into Cairns today after an electrical smell was detected from the cockpit window demisting system. Small flames were seen and extinguished. Passengers cleared Australian Customs and Immigration in Cairns and travelled forward on domestic services.

22nd March 2011 - VH-OEG QF18 Delay.

QF18 Buenos Aires - Sydney is showing a 24 hour delay into Sydney and is now due on 23rd. The outbound flight operated on time with Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEG.

20th March 2011 - QF29/30 Hong Kong turnbacks.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJU operating QF30 London Heathrow - Hong Kong - Melbourne (depart London 19th March) turned back at Hong Kong to operate the Hong Kong - London Heathrow leg of QF29 (depart Melbourne 19th March). Sister VH-OJQ arrived into Hong Kong as QF29 from Melbourne (depart Melbourne 19th March) and returned to Melbourne as QF30.

18th March 2011 - A380 returns to QF94.

A380 service resumed on QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne today when VH-OQE operated the service. This is the first A380 appearance on this service since the VH-OQA QF32 incident and is indicative that QANTAS is once again able to run the Rolls Royce engines at full thrust as this is required to depart Los Angeles on this service.

16th March 2011 - Tokyo Service New Schedules.

In light of the radiation situation in Tokyo QANTAS has taken the decision not to overnight crews in Japan over the next few days. Therefore all Tokyo services will operate via Hong Kong in each direction. This permits one crew to operate Australia - Hong Kong, a second crew to operate Hong Kong - Tokyo return and a third crew to operate Hong Kong to Australia.

Timings will therefore be as follows:

QF21 Sydney 0605 - Hong Kong Arr 1200 Dep 1300  - Tokyo Narita 1800

QF22 Tokyo Narita 2000 - Hong Kong Arr 0030+1 Dep 0130 - Sydney 1320

The QF21 of 16th February was held over until the morning of 17th and each morning departure from Sydney will be deemed to be the scheduled night time departure from the previous day.

QF79 from Perth on 18th will operate on the morning on 19th as follows:

QF79 Perth 0530 - Hong Kong Arr 1335 Dep 1435 - Tokyo Narita 1935

QF80 Tokyo Narita 2035 - Hong Kong Arr 0120+1 Dep 0220 - Perth 1005

15th March 2011 - VH-OJA returns in 3 Class configuration.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA positioned Avalon - Sydney today as QF6196 newly configured in the 3 Class 56J/40W/275Y configuration.