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QANTAS News March 2010

31st March 2010 - A380 VH-OQC bursts tyres on Sydney landing.

A380 VH-OQC performing flight QF32 from London Heathrow and Singapore burst two tyres of the left hand main wheel assembly on touch down at Sydney due to the brakes being locked on. The crew requested fire trucks to attend as sparks had been seen from the control tower as the aircraft rolled out. There was no evidence of fire when the fire trucks arrived. A QANTAS source stated, "The weight and friction of the still locked wheels running along the runway then lead to the wheel assemblies being ground in half, down to the wheel axles, which were also substantially damaged, along with the bogey itself." Passengers were deplaned onto buses whilst the aircraft remained on the runway for several hours. The aircraft was returned to service within 24 hours taking up its next scheduled departure as QF31 to Singapore and London Heathrow on Thursday April 1st.

30th March 2010 - QANTAS 747-400 Jet VH-OJI Not On Fire.

747-400 VH-OJI performing flight QF5 to Singapore and Frankfurt encountered a problem with the #3 engine on take off from Sydney and levelled off at 3,000 feet declaring MAYDAY. Having shut down the engine the crew took the plane to 10,000 feet to dump fuel over the Tasman and returned to Sydney 65 minutes after departure. 4 Class Kangaroo configured VH-OJP was brought in to perform the flight. Though VH-OJI is likely to need an engine change sensationalist headlines in the Australian press that the aircraft had been on fire were not accurate.

15th March 2010 - Special livery for QANTAS Boeing 747-400 VH-OEB.

747-400 VH-OEB emerged today from a D-Check at the Avalon maintenance base wearing special decals in support of Australia’s bid to host the soccer World Cup in either 2018 or 2022. This aircraft was previously in OneWorld livery.

13th March 2010 - QANTASLink apply for Cairns - Port Moresby flights.

QANTAS has applied to the International Air Services Commission for 888 seats per week (12 x 74 seat Dash 8-400 QANTASLink services) between Cairns and Port Moresby. The request is for services to commence in July 2010 with the full 12 return flights per week to be utilised by the end of the year. The route is already served by Air Nuigini and Airlines PNG.

4th March 2010 - QANTAS A330-200 future plans.

The next A330 delivery will come in November 2010 and will be VH-EBO destined for QANTAS domestic. At this time VH-EBJ will transfer to JetStar leaving QANTAS Domestic with three aircraft, VH-EBM/N/O all with the new Domestic product. The subsequent five deliveries, VH-EBP, VH-EBQ, VH-EBR, VH-EBS and VH-EBT are all expected to go direct to JetStar.

3rd March 2010 - QANTASLink Queensland service changes.

QANTASLink will replace JetStar on all Rockhampton - Brisbane services from 10th May. This will see QANTASLink increase service on the route from to 47 flights per week. At the same time Mackay - Brisbane services will increase from 16 to 24 flights per week. All services will be flown with 74 seat Dash 8-400s.

24th March 2010 - QANTAS A380 VH-OQC out of service at Heathrow.

A380 VH-OQC arrived into Heathrow on 19th March as QF32 from Sydney and Singapore but did not take up its scheduled departure as QF10 to Singapore and Melbourne that day. QF10 departures from Heathrow were delayed by 12 hours on 19th/20th/21st/22nd and 23rd March until VH-OQC was returned to service for the scheduled departure on 24th March. Though unconfirmed it us understood the aircraft may have needed an engine change whilst at Heathrow.

17th March 2010 - New QANTAS trans-Tasman and trans-Pacific A330-200 schedule.

As had long been rumoured A330-200 aircraft will take over the QF25/QF26 Auckland - Los Angeles route from 5th July 2010 on a daily basis, with the aircraft continuing to New York JFK five days per week as QF107/QF108. At the same time QF141/QF114 Sydney - Auckland will move to A330-200 operations six days per week in order to position the aircraft for the trans-Pacific operation. The freed two class Boeing 747-400 from the Auckland - Los Angeles leg will be moved to the QF21/22 Sydney - Tokyo operation.

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