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QANTAS News May 2010

31st May 2010 - Future aircraft deployment announced.

Aircraft deployment plans following future A380 deliveries was announced today. The arrival of VH-OQG will see QF31/32 Sydney - Singapore - Heathrow go all A380. When VH-OQH arrives QF9/10 Melbourne - Singapore - Heathrow will become A380 operated five times per week, increasing to six per week with the arrival of VH-OQI. Once VH-OQI is on board QF93/94 Melbourne - Los Angeles will become A380 operated four times per week. VH-OQJ’s arrival will see QF9/10 switch to daily A380 operation and QF93/94 increase to six A380 flights per week.

The freeing up of 747 equipment will see QF63/64 Sydney - Johannesburg move to a daily operation from 21 September 2010.

From 1st November 2010 QF19/20 Sydney - Manila and Sydney - Brisbane - Manila services will switch from 767-300 to A330 operation with a mixture of -200 and -300 series equipment.

No plans have been announced to replace 767-300s on Sydney - Honolulu, Sydney - Noumea and Perth - Tokyo services.

28th May 2010 - A330-200 VH-EBG marks new ground.

A330-200 VH-EBG worked flight QF68 from Hong Kong - Perth on 27th May and then QF77 from Perth - Singapore. This is the first recorded working of an A330-200 on these routes that are normally worked by A330-300 aircraft.

27th May 2010 - New QANTAS A380 VH-OQG moves for outfitting.

Airbus A380 VH-OQG, wearing registration F-WWAD moved from Toulouse to Finkenwerder today for outfitting. The aircraft is currently in primer but with QANTAS tail markings.

27th May 2010 - QANTAS First Class restoration delayed.

QANTAS has delayed the restoration of First Class service on the following flights;

QF17/18 Sydney - Buenos Aires and return. First Class was scheduled to be re-introduced on 7th June but will now be re-introduced on 27th September.

21st May - Boeing 747-400 VH-OJR returns to service.

Despite some rumours that she may have been withdrawn owing to her being listed for sale or lease via Cabot Aviation, 747-400 VH-OJR returned to service today on QF73 from Sydney to San Francisco, having positioned to Sydney from Avalon the previous evening.

17th May - Further UK Volcano Issues cause QANTAS diversions.

UK airspace has faced further closures and restrictions due to the Icelandic volcano. London Heathrow is under capacity restrictions. Two out of three QANTAS arrivals made it in this morning, QF1 from Sydney and Bangkok with 747-400 VH-OJN and QF31 from Sydney and Singapore with 747-400 VH-OJH. QF1 and QF31 both put down in Frankfurt to refuel before arriving into London approximately three hours late. QF31 with A380 VH-OQC had diverted to Dubai due to a medical emergency and will be held there 24 hours due to the crew being out of hours, hopefully arriving into London Heathrow 24 hours late. This means the QF31 of Monday 17th will be delayed until Tuesday 18th. The evening departures from London Heathrow both took off on time; VH-OJH as QF10 and VH-OJN as QF2.

10th May 2010 - VH-OGN  almost helps in ocean rescue.

767-300 VH-OGN, en route from Melbourne - Perth as QF475 was requested to help in a maritime rescue when a raft was drifting 90 miles off the coast of Esperance, WA. The flight diverted to the area but an RAAF Hercules C130 arrived before the QANTAS jet and the 767 continued to Perth, arriving 5 minutes late.

3rd May 2010 - QANTAS 767-300 Trans-Tasman Freight Operations begin.

In order to supplement the wet leased 767-200 freighter services QANTAS has begun a dedicated night freight run using mainline 767-300s. Flight QF7739 operates Melbourne - Auckland at 2100 Mondays - Thursday and returns in the early hours of Tuesdays - Fridays as QF7740. This is to cover the reduction in belly freight available due to passenger services moving to 737-800 operations.

QF29/30 Melbourne - Hong Kong - London Heathrow and return. First Class was scheduled to be re-introduced on 8th June but will now be re-introduced on 2nd August.

QF73/74 Sydney - San Francisco and return. First Class was scheduled to be re-introduced on 8th June but will now be re-introduced on 27th September.

27th May 2010 - QANTASLink Cairns - Port Moresby schedule announced.

QANTAS has announced the schedule for QANTASLink Dash 8-400 services between Cairns and Port Moresby to commence on July 1st. Schedule is as follows:

QF191 Monday - Cairns 0545 - Port Moresby 0730.
QF191 Tuesday - Saturday - Cairns 0645 - Port Moresby 0830.
QF193 Sunday - Cairns 1210 - Port Moresby 1355.
QF197 Monday - Thursday - Cairns 1505 - Port Moresby 1650.
QF197 Friday - Cairns - 1615 - Port Moresby 1800.

QF192 Monday - Port Moresby 0815 - Cairns 1005.
QF192 Tuesday - Saturday - Port Moresby 0920 - Cairns 1110.
QF194 Sunday - Port Moresby 1445 - Cairns 1635.
QF198 Monday - Thursday - Port Moresby 1740 - Cairns 1930.
QF198 Friday - Port Moresby 1845 - Cairns 2035.

QANTAS will continue to codeshare on Air Nuigini’s Fokker 100 services.

26th May - Boeing 747-400 VH-OEB QF5 returns to Sydney.

QF5 from Sydney to Singapore and Frankfurt, unusually operated by Pacific configured 747-400 VH-OEB, returned to Sydney shortly after take-off today due to a failed generator. The aircraft landed back in Sydney three hours after take-off. The flight eventually departed 6 hours late operated by Kangaroo configured 747-400 VH-OJF.

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