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QANTAS News May 2011

31st May 2011 - Rats stop Flight.

QF540 Sydney - Brisbane was cancelled today after five baby rats were found inside emergency medical equipment on board the 767 scheduled to operate the flight. It appears that the aircraft in question was Boeing 767-336ER VH-ZXD.

31st May 2011 - VH-OJI returns from Hong Kong.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJI positioned Hong Kong - Brisbane today as QF6022 having been in maintenance at HAECO since May 4th. No news yet on whether the aircraft has been repainted into the new QANTAS livery.

30th May 2011 - A332 VH-EBO returns to Toulouse.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBO which has been out of service for much of the month positioned Sydney - Singapore - Toulouse today as QF6025 for repairs. We understand that the problem is to do with the nose wheel.

30th May 2011 - Domestic 747 services recommence.

Regular six day a week domestic Boeing 747 operations recommenced today with 4 Class Kangaroo configuration Boeing 747-438 VH-OJS operating the QF581/582 Sydney - Perth rotation. The departure at Sydney was marked by a ‘flash mob’ being organised by the airline to appear at the gate and perform a version of The Village People song “Go West”.

30th May 2011 - VH-OEJ QF8 Noumea Fuel Stop.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ making its’ first appearance on the QF8 Dallas-Fort Worth - Brisbane - Sydney run (depart Dallas-Fort Worth) 28th May touched down in Noumea today to collect extra fuel. The first two weeks of the service have not been without problems with a QF7 diversion into Houston on 23rd and allegations that QANTAS has deliberately left baggage off QF8 due to weight concerns.

27th May 2011 - VH-OGI QF465 Sydney return.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGI operating QF465 Sydney - Melbourne returned to Sydney with a fuel issue. The flight was subsequently cancelled.

25th May 2011 - VH-OJH QF108 Brisbane Diversion.

QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJH diverted into Brisbane this morning.

24th May 2011 - VH-OJT QF6 Delay.

QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney (depart Frankfurt 23rd May) operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJT was delayed 24 hours in Singapore due to technical problems with the aircraft. The flight continued to Sydney as QF6D departing on 25th May.

24th May 2011 - A330-300 QF20 Brisbane Swap.

The once weekly QF20 Manila - Brisbane - Sydney swapped aircraft this morning with A330-300 VH-QPF arriving from Manila and sister VH-QPI operating forward to Sydney. With Boeing 747-400s currently handling the QF51/52 Brisbane - Singapore route VH-QPI had been sitting idle in Brisbane since 22nd when it arrived on QF98 from Hong Kong and operated the QF824/825 Brisbane - Darwin. VH-QPF went forward as QF97 to Hong Kong.

23rd May 2011 - VH-EBO back at JetBase.

After operating the QF581/QF582 Sydney - Perth rotations for the past two days A330-200 VH-EBO has returned to the JetBase at Sydney and is now rumoured to be being sent back to Airbus at Toulouse for repairs. We understand there is an issue with the nosewheel landing gear.

23rd May 2011 - QF7 Houston Diversion.

QF7 Sydney - Dallas-Fort Worth operated by Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEE diverted to Houston today due to storms at Dallas-Fort Worth. As the route is at the outer edges of the 747-438ER’s performance there is little fuel available for holding and so the decision was taken to divert to the alternate. Arrival in Dallas-Fort Worth was two and a half hours late.

22nd May 2011 - VH-OJL back in service.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJL is back in service routing Bangkok - Sydney as a delayed QF2 from 21st March. (The London - Bangkok leg on 20th was cancelled due to VH-OJL not reaching London following its engine issue). We understand that the #4 engine was swapped in Bangkok. It is not clear whether an engine was available there or was freightered in from Hong Kong. There were no V-Pod operations to ferry an engine from Sydney.

21st May 2011 - VH-EBO back in service.

A330-200 VH-EBO returned to service today operating the QF581/QF582 Sydney - Perth rotation.

21st May 2011 - 737-838 VH-VZM enters service.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VZM entered service today operating QF608 Melbourne - Brisbane.

11th May 2011 - VH-TJZ back in QANTAS mainline service.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJZ re-entered service with QANTAS mainline today operating QF615 Brisbane - Melbourne. The aircraft transferred to JetConnect in February 2009 and operated its last JetConnect service on 29th January this year.

11th May 2011 - VH-OJP V-Pod to Singapore?

With Boeing 747-438 VH-OJH awaiting an engine swap in Singapore it appears that today’s QF5 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJP is carrying a 5th engine on the V-Pod to Singapore. The flight has been scheduled to take an extra hour between Sydney and Singapore and is scheduled for two and three quarter hours on the ground in Singapore.

11th May 2011 - VH-OJF QF9 Rejected Take Off.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJF rejected take off from Melbourne whilst operating QF9 to Singapore and London Heathrow. The aircraft returned to the gate and was able to depart around four hours later.

11th May 2011 - ZK-ZQA QF26 Lightning Strike.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQA operating QF26 Auckland - Melbourne encountered a lightning strike on take-off from Auckland and returned to Auckland after circling for around 90 minutes to burn off fuel. The flight was completed by Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ.

9th May 2011 - VH-OEB departs on Captain’s Choice South American Tour.

Boeing 747-48E VH-OEB departed Sydney today on a Captain’s Choice Tour as QF6034 routing Sydney - Buenos Aires - Iguassu Falls - Rio de Janeiro - Manuas - Havana - Panama City - Lima - Easter Island - Sydney and due back in Australia on May 25th.

9th May 2011 - VH-OJH QF5 Engine Shut Down.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJH operating QF5 Sydney - Singapore suffered a failure of the #4 engine around 1 hour before landing prompting crew to shut the engine down. Sister aircraft VH-OJC which had arrived in Singapore as QF51 from Brisbane took over the flight beyond Singapore to Frankfurt. As a result QF52 Singapore - Brisbane was cancelled.

7th May 2011 - VH-EBO/EBP Business Class Amendment.

Domestic A330-200s VH-EBO and VH-EBP, delivered with 2-3-2 seating in Economy Class are being modified this weekend to have a semi-permanent “workspace” across the middle seat of the block of three. Thus the aircraft reduce to a 36J/268Y configuration.

7th May 2011 - VH-OEF Operates Final San Francisco.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEF operated the final QANTAS QF73/74 Sydney - San Francisco rotation today. The service had been due to end next week but was withdrawn a week early. The new Sydney - Dallas Fort Worth - Brisbane - Sydney Boeing 747-438ER service will commence on May 16th. On the return journey the aircraft was given a water cannon salute at San Francisco and routed around San Francisco Bay at 3,000ft before heading across the Pacific.

6th May 2011 - VH-EBO positions to Sydney.

A330-200 VH-EBO positioned to Sydney today as QF6125.

6th May 2011 - 767 VH-OGU operates final Perth - Tokyo rotation.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGU operated the final QF79/QF80 Perth - Tokyo rotation departing Perth today. Post earthquake demand for travel to Japan is down and this twice weekly service requiring an ETOPS operation from Perth was an obvious route to cut.

5th May 2011 - QF777 Cancelled, VH-EBO positions empty to Melbourne.

Having operated QF776 Melbourne - Perth Airbus A330-200 was not cleared to operate the return service QF777 but instead positioned empty back to Melbourne as QF6124.

5th May 2011 - VH-OJI to Hong Kong Maintenance.

3 Class Boeing 747-438 VH-OJI operated QF87 Sydney - Hong Kong (depart Sydney 4th May) and was then moved to the HAECO hangars for maintenance.

2nd May 2011 - VH-NXE Engine failure.

Boeing 717-23S VH-NXE suffered a fan blade failure to the left hand engine on take off from Perth whilst operating QF1820 Perth - Newman. The aircraft was able to return immediately to Perth for a safe landing around 15 minutes after departure. The aircraft is expected to remain at Perth awaiting a replacement engine.

2nd May 2011 - ZK-ZQF Wallabies Livery.

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQF has been fitted with Wallabies and The Great Crusade decals to advertise the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The work was carried out in Sydney. Whilst ZK-ZQF was in Sydney mainline Boeing 737-838 VH-VXS has been operating for JetConnect on the Melbourne - Auckland route.

21st May 2011 - Los Angeles aircraft swaps & medical diversion.

QF107 Sydney - Los Angeles was unusually operated by A380 VH-OQC whilst QF11, the normal A380 flight, was operated by 3 Class Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA. QF11 was about 90 minutes into the flight when it turned back to Brisbane due to a passenger needing medical help. The flight eventually reached Los Angeles around 4 and a half hours late.

20th May 2011 - VH-OGR QF775 Perth turbulence.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGR operating QF775 Melbourne - Perth encountered severe turbulence at around 2,000 ft descending into Perth and performed a go around. Two passengers received undisclosed injuries and therefore the Australian Transport Safety Board have opened an investigation.

20th May 2011 - Sydney fog diversions to Brisbane and Melbourne.

Due to the fog in Sydney the following flights diverted for fuel before continuing to Sydney:

QF6 operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJP to Melbourne.

QF12 operated by A380 VH-OQB to Brisbane.

QF20 operated by A330-300 VH-QPI to Brisbane.

QF22 operated by A330-200 VH-EBG to Brisbane.

QF130 operated by A330-300 VH-QPA to Brisbane.

20th May 2011 - VH-EBO back in Sydney.

A330-200 positioned Melbourne - Sydney as QF6115 today and returned to the JetBase.

20th May 2011 - VH-OJL QF1 Bangkok turnback.

VH-OJL operating QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow (depart Sydney 19th May) returned to Bangkok shortly after takeoff due to increased engine vibrations. The flight and QF2 departing London as far as Bangkok tonight have been cancelled.

19th May 2011 - A330-300 Adelaide Swap.

QANTAS unusually swapped two A330-300s at Adelaide today with VH-QPJ working the QF82 Singapore - Adelaide then positioning empty to Sydney as QF6019. Sister VH-QPE positioned Sydney - Adelaide as QF6004 and then went forward to Singapore as QF81.

18th May 2011 - VH-EBO emerges from JetBase.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBO, out of service since May 5th emerged from the JetBase as Sydney today and positioned to Melbourne as QF6113.

17th May 2011 - Boeing 737-800 VH-VXR operates Melbourne - Darwin inaugural.

The first QF838/QF839 rotation on the new Melbourne - Darwin route was operated by Boeing 737-80 VH-VXR. The daytime CityFlyer branded service is currently 3 x weekly but will increase to 4 x weekly from May 30th.

17th May 2011 - QF10 VH-OQI Adelaide Diversion.

QF10 London Heathrow - Singapore - Melbourne (depart London 15th May) diverted to Adelaide this morning due to low fuel. The aircraft was to the south of Mildura tracking to Melbourne when it diverted. The aircraft was able to continue to Melbourne after around two hours on the ground at Adelaide. QANTAS have denied that there was any fuel leak or technical issue and have stressed that there was no emergency landing requested at Adelaide.

16th May 2011 - VH-OEE operates Inaugural QF7 Sydney - Dallas-Fort Worth.

The inaugural QF7 Sydney - Dallas-Fort Worth QF7 service departed today operated by Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEE. The return QF8 operates via Brisbane. Passengers were greeted by QANTAS Ambassador John Travolta on boarding and we given souvenir inaugural flight postcards. The outbound routing took the aircraft across the Mexican mainland coast at Heroica Guaymas before routing to El Paso and direct into Dallas. The aircraft received a water cannon salute on arrival. OneWorld are understood to have requested Dallas airport to park VH-OEE with an American Airlines 777-200 and British Airways 747-400 G-CIVX that arrived into Dallas late afternoon in order to take publicity shots. The return flight QF8 took the same routing to El Paso but crossed the Mexican mainland coast further north.

14th May 2011 - Boeing 737-476 VH-TJM Stored.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJM entered storage today and is unlikely to operate for QANTAS again. Last recorded passenger service was QF679 Melbourne - Adelaide.

14th May 2011 - Boeing 737-838 VH-VZM on delivery.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VZM departed on delivery as QF6024 routing Boeing Field - Honolulu - Nadi - Melbourne.

14th May 2011 - VH-OJH returns from Singapore.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJH positioned empty from Singapore - Sydney as QF6005 overnight with a replacement #4 engine and immediately re-entered service as QF63 to Johannesburg.

12th May 2011 - QANTAS/American Airlines Joint Venture Request.

Following the approval of the Virgin Australia/Delta Joint Venture on US/Australia routes QANTAS and American Airlines have filed for anti-trust immunity with regulatory authorities in Australia and the US respectively. This is a unique joint venture request in that American Airlines does not operate its own metal between the two countries. A decision is not expected within the next six months.

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