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QANTAS News November 2010

30th November 2010 - A380 VH-OQE returns to service.

Airbus A380 VH-OQE returned to service today operating QF31 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow.

28th November 2010 - QF1 delay.

QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow of 27th November returned to the gate after taxiing at Sydney due to an engine issue and passengers were accommodated in hotels overnight. The flight left this morning operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJP.

27th November 2010 - A380 VH-OQF back in service.

As scheduled, A380 VH-OQF re-entered service today operating QF31 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow.

24th November 2010 - A380 QF32 aftermath and future plans.

VH-OQA sustained serious damage to the left hand wing during the QF32 incident. The aircraft is still held and under investigation. The aircraft is repairable but will require a new left wing. This will need to be manufactured, flown to Singapore and then fitted. This process will take several months.

VH-OQB is at Frankfurt where it was undergoing “C” Check at Lufthansa. There are no plans to return this aircraft to service until new engines have been sourced.

VH-OQC is at Sydney. There are no plans to return this aircraft to service until new engines have been sourced.

VH-OQD is at Los Angeles. There are no plans to return this aircraft to service until new engines have been sourced.

VH-OQE has positioned to Sydney. This aircraft has been retro-fitted with technical modifications made to components within the engines and will return to service this year.

VH-OQF has positioned to Sydney. This aircraft has been retro-fitted with technical modifications made to components within the engines and will return to service this year.

VH-OQG will be delivered shortly. This aircraft already had technical modifications made to components within the engines and will enter service immediately.

VH-OQH will be delivered shortly. This aircraft already had technical modifications made to components within the engines and will enter service immediately.

All aircraft flying will require engine inspections every 20 cycles according to EASA Airworthiness Directive. Those aircraft in service will be restricted to QF9/10/31/32 as these routes do not require maximum thrust to be used at take-off. There are no plans to re-introduce A380s to Los Angeles routes at this time.

The engine modifications to the Trent 900 engines were already in production before the QF32 incident which indicates that Rolls-Royce may have been aware of potential issues with the original design. The engines on VH-OQE, VH-OQF and the new build aircraft appear to have minor differences to the engines on the first four aircraft making them suitable for the component modifications. The QANTAS A380 engines are owned by a Hong Kong bank and maintained by Rolls-Royce with QANTAS paying on a “power by the hour” basis. It is unclear whether QANTAS were aware of the differences to the engines on VH-OQE/F. The engines on VH-OQA/B/C/D may need to be replaced with new engines, possibly from the A380 production line, with the original engines returning to Rolls-Royce for rebuild.

Both QANTAS and Airbus have made it clear that they will be seeking significant compensation from Rolls-Royce.

24th November 2010 - A380 VH-OQE on the move.

Airbus A380 VH-OQE is positioning Los Angeles - Sydney as QF6003.

23rd November 2010 - A330-200 VH-EBJ leaves QANTAS fleet.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBJ finished service with QANTAS today, remarkably operating QF19 Sydney - Manila where it will undergo conversion into a JetStar aircraft. The return flight QF20 did not operate.

23rd November 2010 - A380 VH-OQF on the move.

Airbus A380 VH-OQF is positioning Los Angeles - Sydney as QF6002.

23rd November 2010 - A380 London services to re-commence.

QANTAS has announced that it will recommence limited A380 services commencing on Saturday 27th November with QF31 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow. One aircraft will ferry Los Angeles - Sydney arriving on 24th November and a second aircraft later this week. However initially only one aircraft will re-enter service. The Sydney/Melbourne - Los Angeles routes requite the aircraft to operate at maximum certified engine thrust and A380s will not return to these routes until further knowledge is gained and possible additional changes are made to the engines.


22nd November 2010 - VH-OJC in QF6 Hydraulics issue.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJC operating QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney (depart Frankfurt 19th November) was held in Singapore for 24 hours after engineers discovered a hydraulics issue. Passengers were provided with hotels overnight and the flight arrived in Sydney today.

6th November 2010 - A380 suspension operations:

QF31 will operate with a QANTAS Boeing 747-400 from Sydney - Singapore and continue to London Heathrow with BA 777-200 G-YMME. The Sydney - Singapore leg is expected to V-Pod a spare engine to Singapore for VH-OJD this was operated by VH-OJI.

QF10 Singapore - Melbourne was operated by A330-300 VH-QPE which positioned into Singapore empty from Sydney as QF6006.

QF11 Sydney - Los Angeles will be delayed until 2215, this was operated by VH-OJQ.

A flight QF8011 will operate Singapore - Sydney on 7th at 0700 operated by VH-OJI

QF5 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt operated on 7th with 747-400 VH-OJA turning around immediately from the inbound QF6.

QF21 Sydney - Tokyo operated on 7th with 747-400 VH-OJB, turning around immediately from the inbound QF22.

The 767-300 returned to trans-Tasman operations with VH-OGT performing QF141 Sydney - Auckland and QF114 return. This allowed A330-200 VH-EBL to turn around in Auckland after arriving as QF26 from Los Angeles and operate QF25 back. The plan seems to be to isolate VH-EBI and VH-EBL to the Auckland - Los Angeles - New York route until they need maintenance back at Sydney. This frees up one A330-200.

5th November 2010 - BA 777-200 G-YMME operates QF10.

As announced a BA 777-200 is operating QF10 London - Singapore on behalf of QANTAS. The aircraft is 3 Class machine G-YMME.

5th November 2010 - A330-300 VH-QPG QF20 Medical Diversion.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPG operating QF20 Manila - Sydney diverted into Darwin due to a medical emergency.

5th November 2010 - 747-400 VH-OJD QF6 return to Singapore.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJD operating QF6 Singapore - Sydney has returned to Singapore after an engine issue. The flight is now shown as being expected into Sydney 24 hours late. This is obviously causing much embarrassing publicity but also puts more pressure on flight planning as it means another airframe is out of service for 24 hours.

5th November 2010 - 747 VH-OJR departs Australia.

Withdrawn Boeing 747-438 VH-OJR ferried Avalon - Marana as QF6023 today in basic QANTAS livery minus tail logo and titles.

5th November 2010 - A380 suspension operations.

QF10 will operate London - Singapore with a chartered BA Boeing 777-200. This will cover the non-arrival of 4th November’s QF31 which turned around at Singapore to take the VH-OQA passengers on to Australia.

QF11 Sydney - Los Angeles will operate with a Boeing 747-400.

QF31 Sydney - Singapore - Los Angeles will operate with a Boeing 747-400.

QF93 Melbourne - Los Angeles will be delayed 24 hours.

All 4th November departures from Los Angeles to Sydney and Melbourne are announced as delayed by 24 hours.

Presumably VH-OEF and VH-OEG, which arrive on 4th as QF107 and QF93 respectively, will operate as special flights to clear the QF108 and QF94 backlog from 3rd November’s A380 cancellations.

4th November 2010 - 3 Class 747-400 VH-OJB in first A380 substitution.

QF31 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow, due to be operated by A380 VH-OQC was instead operated by 3 Class Boeing 747-400 VH-OJB. It appears that this flight will terminate in Singapore and the aircraft will return to Sydney with passengers from the VH-OQA QF32 flight.

4th November 2010 - QANTAS suspends A380 flights after VH-OQA QF32 engine failure.

A380 VH-OQA operating QF32 from Singapore - Sydney suffered an uncontained engine failure to the number two engine shortly after take off from Singapore whilst in Indonesian airspace over the island of Batam. The aircraft returned to Singapore and landed some 2 hours after take off. There are reports of several large pieces of engine debris landing in built up areas of the Dutumas district.

The number 2 engine and leading edge of the left wing have sustained serious damage. The aircraft had returned from a C Check on October 6th. This check was undertaken by Lufthansa in Frankfurt and is sure to lead to further debate about offshore maintenance.

As a precaution and pending results of an investigation QANTAS has suspended all A380 operations. Passengers on QF12 Los Angeles - Sydney being removed from the aircraft after waiting on board for 45 minutes. The QANTAS schedule will therefore in chaos for the foreseeable future with Boeing 747-400s expected to operate for A380s where possible and A330s to operate some 747 routes.

The A380 fleet are positioned as follows: VH-OQA - Singapore, VH-OQB undergoing C Check in Frankfurt, VH-OQC - Sydney, VH-OQD - Los Angeles, VH-OQE - Los Angeles, VH-OQF - Los Angeles.

3rd November 2010 - Q400 VH-QOW unveiled in Taronga Zoo livery.

Dash 8-Q400 VH-QOW was unveiled today in a special livery advertising Western Plains Taronga Zoo in Dubbo.

21st November 2010 - A330-200 VH-EBO enters service.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBO entered service today operating QF575 Sydney - Perth. This aircraft is in another new Domestic configuration of 42J/268Y with 2-3-2 seating returning in the Business Class cabin with a new Recaro seat. Gate to gate AVOD is provided with all screens mounted on seat backs except in Emergency Exit rows. The seat is a development of the International Premium Economy seat.

17th November 2010 - Cathay Pacific Charters Commence.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 operated CX8101 in place of the usual QF128 arriving into Sydney today and departing as CX8100 in place of the usual QF127. This is an International configuration aircraft and indeed is a regular visitor to Sydney.

16th November 2010 - VH-OEI in another airport return.

Boeing  747-438ER VH-OEI, involved in the QF17 incident yesterday, is reported to have again had to dump fuel and return, this time to Johannesburg whilst operating QF64 to Sydney. The incident is now confirmed as a bird strike.

16th November 2010 - A330-200 VH-EBO on delivery.

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBO has departed Toulouse as QF6020 on delivery to QANTAS at Melbourne via Singapore. This aircraft is in domestic configuration and will allow VH-EBJ to be transferred to JetStar.

15th November 2010 - VH-OEI in QF17 return to Sydney.

Boeing 747-438ER returned to Sydney about one hour into operating QF17 to Buenos Aires due to an electrical failure in the cockpit. There were reports of a loss of pressure and that oxygen masks had been deployed but these were incorrect. Having dumped fuel and activated smoke removal procedures the Captain walked through the aircraft stopping every ten rows or so to personally explain what was happening. The flight subsequently departed with replacement Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ.

12th November 2010 - VH-OGO no go on QF768.

Boeing 767-336 VH-OGO performing flight QF768 from Perth - Melbourne returned to Perth after the crew detected vibrations in the left hand engine. Fortunately for QANTAS and Rolls-Royce this is a General Electric engined aircraft.

11th November 2010 - A380 suspension latest.

With no return to service for the A380 in sight QANTAS have announced the following service revisions:

QF21/QF22 Sydney - Tokyo switches from Boeing 747-400 to Airbus A330.

QF71/72/77/78 Perth - Singapore switches from Airbus A330-300 to Boeing 767-300.

QF127/128 Sydney - Hong Kong switches from Boeing 747-400 to Airbus A330-300 including wet leased Cathay Pacific aircraft with regional seating.

10th November 2010 - Domestic A330-200 operates trans-Tasman.

Domestic A330-200 VH-EBN operated QF141/114 Sydney - Auckland return today. This is the first recorded use of this aircraft on an International service.

9th November 2010 - A330-300 on Domestic Canberra Service.

QF560 Canberra - Sydney, normally a Boeing 737-400 flight, was today operated by Airbus A330-300 VH-QPD.

8th November 2010 - A380 suspension operations:

QF9 Singapore - London Heathrow of 7th November operated this morning with 747-400 VH-OJP turning around immediately following arrival on QF10.

QF10 Singapore - Melbourne was operated by A330-300 VH-QPC.

8th November 2010 - A380 suspension latest:

Exhaustive engine checks on all QANTAS A380 engines has revealed three engines with oil leaks in places where no oil should be present. The fleet is expected to be grounded for at least a further 72 hours. The investigation into the failure of the VH-OQA engine is focusing on the possibility of an oil leak in the turbine area though without ruling out other causes.

7th November 2010 - A380 suspension operations:

QF5 Sydney - Singapore was operated by A330-300 VH-QPC. The Singapore - Frankfurt leg is due to operate 12 hours late with a 747-400, this is now confirmed as a repaired VH-OJD.

QF10 London - Singapore  was operated by British Airways 3 Class Boeing 777-200 G-YMMD.

QF63 Sydney - Johannesburg on 8th November has been cancelled.

6th November 2010 - VH-OJL Heathrow QF29 emergency landing.

Boeing 747-400 VH-OJL operating QF29 Hong Kong - London Heathrow experienced hydraulic problems on departure from Hong Kong. These were rectified en route but in line with procedure a priority landing was requested at Heathrow. Heathrow does not operate a priority landing and landings have to be standard or emergency, therefore an emergency landing was requested. There were no issues and the aircraft departed as scheduled as QF2 to Bangkok and Sydney.

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