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QANTAS News October 2011.


31st October 2011 - Overseas Aircraft First Movements.

The first movements of aircraft stopped overseas by the shutdown were as follows:

Airbus A380

VH-OQC - QF32 London Heathrow - Singapore - Sydney

VH-OQF - QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne

VH-OQG - QF10 Singapore - Melbourne

VH-OQH - QF10 London Heathrow - Singapore - Melbourne

VH-OQJ - QF32 Singapore - Sydney (Diverted to Brisbane)

Boeing 747-400

VH-OJA - QF32D Singapore - Sydney

VH-OJB - QF128 Hong Kong - Sydney

VH-OJC - QF22 Tokyo Narita - Sydney

VH-OJE - QF6 Singapore - Sydney

VH-OJG - QF2 London Heathrow - Bangkok - Sydney

VH-OJI - QF8016 Los Angeles - Brisbane

VH-OJJ - QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney

VH-OJN - QF12 Los Angeles - Sydney

VH-OJO - QF64 Johannesburg - Sydney

VH-OJP - QF2 Bangkok - Sydney

VH-OJS - QF30 Hong Kong - Melbourne

VH-OEB - QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney

VH-OEE - QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne (30 October)

VH-OEG - QF16 Los Angeles - Brisbane

VH-OEJ - QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney (30 October)

Airbus A330-300

VH-QPB - QF98 Hong Kong - Brisbane

VH-QPC - QF6D Singapore - Sydney

VH-QPE - QF20 Manila - Brisbane - Sydney

VH-QPG - QF78D Singapore - Perth

VH-QPH - QF78 Singapore - Perth

VH-QPI - QF130 Shanghai - Sydney

Airbus A330-200

VH-EBG - QF107 Los Angeles - New York JFK

VH-EBI - QF26 Los Angeles - Auckland

Boeing 737-800

VH-VXB - QF92 Noumea - Sydney.

31st October 2011 - VH-OQJ QF32 Brisbane Diversion.

Airbus A380 VH-OQJ operating a trunkated QF32 Singapore - Sydney departed Singapore almost four hours after scheduled and thus missed curfew at Sydney and diverted to Brisbane. The aircraft positioned to Sydney as QF6002 on the morning of 1 November.

31st October 2011 - Back in The Air.

The first QANTAS mainline aircraft back in the air was Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEH positioning Brisbane - Sydney as QF6001 followed by A380 VH-OQD positioning Sydney - Melbourne as QF6017.

The first passenger flights were:

QF41 Sydney - Jakarta VH-QPA

QF51 Brisbane - Singapore VH-QPJ

QF11 Sydney - Los Angeles VH-OJF

QF973 Townsville - Brisbane VH-VXU

QF974 Brisbane - Townsville VH-VZS.

Our QANTAS Tracker pages will update regularly.

31st October 2011 - Announcement on Flight Resumption.

A remarkable five hours after the Fair Work Australia ruling the QANTAS website was updated to announce that flights may resume by mid afternoon today.

31st October 2011 - Fair Work Australia Ends Dispute.

At 2.08am in Melbourne Fair Work Australia ruled that QANTAS and Unions have 21 days to resolve their dispute, which can be extended by a further 21 days, with a binding agreement or go to a compulsory arbitration. There must be a termination of Industrial Action both by the Unions and by QANTAS; meaning no strikes and no lock outs. This is the result requested by the airline and the Federal Government.

30th October 2011 - Grounding to Continue.

The latest official news is that the grounding will continue until at least 12 noon tomorrow.

30th October 2011 - Strategic Steps Into Domestic Breach.

Brisbane based Strategic Airlines will today operate a Perth - Brisbane return sector followed by a Melbourne - Brisbane return sector tomorrow.

29th October 2011 - Groundings to Continue For At Least Another Day.

With the Fair Work Australia hearing ordered by the Australian Government adjourned until Sunday 30 October there is no chance of QANTAS aircraft returning to the air tomorrow.

29th October 2011 - Grounded Fleet Positions.

Locations of the QANTAS fleet are as follows:

Adelaide - 9 x Boeing 737-800, 1 x Boeing 737-400.

Avalon - 2 x Boeing 747-400, 2 x Boeing 737-400.

Brisbane - 1 x Boeing 747-400, 1 x A330-300, 1 x A330-200, 9 x Boeing 767-300, 6 x Boeing 737-800, 4 x Boeing 737-400.

Buenos Aires - 1 x Boeing 747-400.

Canberra - 2 x Boeing 737-400.

Dallas-Fort Worth - 1 x Boeing 747-400.

Frankfurt - 1 x A380, 1 x 747-400.

Hong Kong - 2 x Boeing 747-400, 1 x A330-300.

Johannesburg - 1 x Boeing 747-400.

London Heathrow - 2 x A380, 2 x Boeing 747-400.

Los Angeles - 1 x A380, 6 x Boeing 747-400, 2 x A330-200.

Melbourne - 1 x Boeing 747-400, 2 x Airbus A330-200, 4 x Boeing 767-300, 11 x Boeing 737-800, 4 x Boeing 737-400.

Manila - 1 x A330-300.

Noumea - 1 x Boeing 737-800

Perth - 1 x A330-300, 1 x A330-200, 3 x Boeing 767-300, 5 x Boeing 737-800, 1 x Boeing 737-400.

Shanghai - 1 x A330-300.

Singapore - 3 x A380, 2 x 747-400, 3 x A330-300, 1 x 767-300.

Sydney - 3 x A380, 3 x 747-400, 2 x A330-300, 2 x A330-200,  7 x 767-300, 12 x 737-800, 2 x 737-400.

Tokyo Narita - 1 x Boeing 747-400.

Townsville - 1 x Boeing 737-800.

Individual aircraft positions are as follows:


VH-OQA - Singapore under repair.

VH-OQB - Sydney - arrived as QF32 from London Heathrow on 29 October.

VH-OQC - London Heathrow - arrived as QF9 from Melbourne and Singapore on 29 October.

VH-OQD - Sydney - arrived as QF32 from Los Angeles 29 October.

VH-OQE - Frankfurt - Under D Check.

VH-OQF - Los Angeles -arrived as QF11 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-OQG - Singapore - arrived as QF10 from London Heathrow 29 October.

VH-OQH - London Heathrow - arrived as QF31 from Sydney and Singapore 29 October.

VH-OQI - Sydney - arrived as Q12 from Sydney 30 October. This and QF8 were the last QANTAS flights in the air.

VH-OQJ - Singapore - arrived as QF9 from Melbourne and 29 October.

Boeing 747-400

VH-OJA - Singapore - arrived as QF6 from Frankfurt 29 October.

VH-OJB - Hong Kong - arrived as QF127 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OJC - Tokyo Narita - arrived as QF21 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-OJD - Sydney - arrived as QF22 from Tokyo Narita 29 October.

VH-OJE - Singapore - arrived as QF5 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OJF - Sydney - arrived as QF32 from London Heathrow and Singapore 28 October.

VH-OJG - London Heathrow - arrived as QF1 from Sydney and Bangkok 29 October.

VH-OJH - Avalon under maintenance.

VH-OJI - Los Angeles - arrived as QF15 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-OJJ - Frankfurt - arrived as QF5 from Sydney and Singapore 29 October.

VH-OJL - London Heathrow - arrived as QF29 from Melbourne and Hong Kong 29 October.

VH-OJM - Sydney under maintenance.

VH-OJN - Los Angeles - arrived as QF11 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OJO - Johannesburg - arrived as QF63 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OJP - Bangkok - arrived as QF2 from London Heathrow 29 October.

VH-OJQ - Sydney - arrived as QF64 from Johannesburg 29 October.

VH-OJS - Hong Kong - arrived as QF30 from London Heathrow 29 October.

VH-OJT - Melbourne - arrived as QF10 from London Heathrow and Singapore 29 October.

VH-OJU - Avalon under maintenance.

VH-OEB - Los Angeles - arrived as QF107 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OEE - Los Angeles - arrived as QF93 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-OEF - Dallas-Fort Worth - arrived as QF7 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OEG - Los Angeles - arrived as QF15 from Brisbane 28 October.

VH-OEH - Brisbane - arrived as QF8 from Dallas-Fort Worth 30 October. This and QF12 were the last QANTAS flights in the air.

VH-OEI - Buenos Aires - arrived as QF17 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OEJ - Los Angeles - arrived as QF107 from Sydney 28 October.

Airbus A330-300:

VH-QPA - Sydney - arrived as QF88 from Hong Kong 29 October.

VH-QPB - Hong Kong - arrived as QF87 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-QPC - Singapore - arrived as QF51 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-QPD - Sydney - arrived as QF566 from Perth 28 October.

VH-QPE - Manila - arrived as QF19 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-QPF - Perth - arrived as QF72 from Singapore 29 October.

VH-QPG - Singapore - arrived as QF77 from Perth 29 October.

VH-QPH - Singapore - arrived as QF81 from Adelaide 29 October.

VH-QPI - Shanghai - arrived as QF129 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-QPJ - Brisbane - arrived as QF98 from Hong Kong 29 October.

Airbus A330-200:

VH-EBG - Los Angeles - arrived as QF25 from Auckland 29 October.

VH-EBH - Sydney - arrived as QF464 from Melbourne 28 October.

VH-EBI - Los Angeles - arrived as QF108 from New York JFK 28 October.

VH-EBL - Brisbane under maintenance.

VH-EBM - Sydney -arrived as QF580 from Perth 29 October.

VH-EBN - Melbourne - arrived as QF776 from Perth 29 October.

VH-EBO - Melbourne - arrived as QF421 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-EBP - Perth - arrived as QF597 from Brisbane 29 October.

Boeing 767-300:

VH-OGE - Brisbane - arrived as QF512 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OGG - Melbourne - arrived as QF497 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-OGH - Brisbane stored/under maintenance.

VH-OGI - Perth - arrived as QF577 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OGJ - Perth - arrived as QF769 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-OGK - Brisbane - stored/under maintenance.

VH-OGL - Melbourne - arrived as QF435 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OGM - Sydney - arrived as QF576 from Perth 29 October.

VH-OGN - Singapore under maintenance.

VH-OGO - Melbourne - arrived as QF439 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-OGP - Sydney - arrived as QF430 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-OGQ - Sydney - arrived as QF414 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-OGR - Sydney - arrived as QF446 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-OGS - Brisbane - arrived as QF598 from Perth 29 October.

VH-OGT - Sydney - arrived as QF452 from Melbourne 28 October.

VH-OGU - Perth - arrived as QF651 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-OGV - Sydney - arrived as QF924 from Cairns 29 October.

VH-ZXA - Brisbane - stored/under maintenance.

VH-ZXB - Sydney - arrived as QF426 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-ZXC - Brisbane - arrived as QF528 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-ZXD - Brisbane - arrived as QF825 from Darwin 29 October.

VH-ZXE - Brisbane - arrived as QF636 from Melbourne 27 October

VH-ZXF - Melbourne - arrived as QF802 from Perth 29 October.

VH-ZXG- Brisbane - arrived as QF5386 from Sydney 29 October.

Boeing 737-800:

VH-VXA - Sydney - arrived as QF791 from Ayers Rock 29 October.

VH-VXB  - Noumea - arrived as QF89 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VXC - Melbourne under maintenance.

VH-VXD - Adelaide - arrived as QF693 from Melbourne.

VH-VXE - Melbourne - arrived as QF839 from Darwin 29 October.

VH-VXF - Sydney - arrived as QF774 from Adelaide 27 October.

VH-VXG - Adelaide - arrived as QF765 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VXH - Sydney - arrived as QF92 from Noumea 29 October.

VH-VXI - Melbourne - arrived as QF703 from Cairns 29 October.

VH-VXJ - Melbourne - arrived as QF625 from Brisbane 28 October.

VH-VXK - Adelaide - arrived as QF668 from Perth 29 October.

VH-VXL - Brisbane - arrived as QF982 from Alice Springs 29 October.

VH-VXM - Sydney - arrived as QF515 from Brisbane 27 October.

VH-VXN - Sydney - arrived as QF507 from Brisbane 28 October.

VH-VXO - Melbourne - arrived as QF1141 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VXP - Perth - arrived as QF793 from Darwin 29 October.

VH-VXQ - Brisbane - arrived as QF520 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VXR - Sydney - arrived as QF541 from Brisbane 29 October.

VX-VXS - Adelaide - arrived as QF722 from Alice Springs 29 October.

VH-VXT - Adelaide - arrived as QF757 from Darwin 29 October.

VH-VXU - Townsville - arrived as QF974 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VYA - Sydney - arrived as QF791 from Alice Springs 29 October.

VH-VYB - Sydney - arrived as QF923 from Cairns 29 October.

VH-VYC - Perth - arrived as QF1063 from Kalgoorlie 29 October.

VH-VYD - Melbourne - arrived as QF696 from Adelaide 26 October.

VH-VYE - Adelaide - arrived as QF743 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-VYF - Adelaide - arrived as QF663 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VYG - Perth - arrived as QF595 from Adelaide 28 October.

VH-VYH - Melbourne - arrived as QF797 from Alice Springs 29 October.

VH-VYI - Melbourne - arrived as QF631 from Brisbane 27 October.

VH-VYJ - Sydney - arrived as QF843 from Darwin 29 October.

VH-VYK - Melbourne - arrived as QF625 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VYL - Adelaide - arrived as QF759 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VZA - Melbourne - arrived from Avalon as QF6145 28 October.

VH-VZB - Sydney - arrived as QF442 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-VZC - Adelaide - arrived as QF592 from Perth 29 October.

VH-VZD - Brisbane - arrived as QF655 from Cairns 29 October.

VH-VZE - Sydney - arrived as QF537 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VZL - Perth - arrived as QF717 from Canberra 29 October.

VH-VZM - Melbourne - arrived as QF619 from Brisbane 29 October.

VH-VZO - Brisbane - arrived as QF530 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VZP - Perth - arrived as QF913 from Karratha 29 October.

VH-VZR - Brisbane - arrived as QF532 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VZS - Brisbane - arrived as QF620 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-VZT - Perth - arrived as QF777 from Melbourne 29 October.

Boeing 737-400:

VH-TJE - Perth - arrived as QF587 from Adelaide 29 October.

VH-TJF - Brisbane - arrived as QF552 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-TJG - Melbourne - arrived as QF815 from Canberra 29 October.

VH-TJH - Melbourne - arrived as QF1019 from Sydney 29 October. This Sydney - Hobart flight diverted to Melbourne for unknown reasons before the shutdown.

VH-TJI - Sydney - arrived as QF434 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-TJJ - Avalon stored.

VH-TJK -  Melbourne - arrived as QF821 from Canberra 27 October.

VH-TJL - Brisbane - arrived as QF548 from Sydney 28 October.

VH-TJO - Melbourne stored/under maintenance.

VH-TJR - Brisbane - arrived as QF624 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-TJS - Canberra - arrived as QF818 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-TJU - Canberra - arrived as QF957 from Sydney 29 October.

VH-TJW - Avalon stored.

VH-TJX - Adelaide - arrived as QF685 from Melbourne 29 October.

VH-TJY - Brisbane - arrived as QF664 from Adelaide 29 October.

VH-TJZ - Sydney - arrived as QF752 from Adelaide 29 October.



25th October 2011 - VH-OGT Back in Service.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGT, out of service in Darwin since October 22, positioned Darwin - Brisbane today as QF6122 and re-entered service as QF533 Brisbane - Sydney.

25th October 2011 - VH-OJN For Sale.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJN was today placed for sale.

24th October 2011 - Stored 737s Return to Melbourne.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJF positioned Avalon - Melbourne today as QF6111. Sister VH-TJO also positioned Avalon - Melbourne as QF6121.

24th October 2011 - VH-OGU Positions Sydney - Brisbane.

Having not operated since arriving in Sydney as QF4 from Honolulu on 22 October Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGU positioned Sydney - Brisbane this evening as QF6141.

24th October 2011 - Premium subsidiary to be based in Singapore?

Reports from Singapore suggest that QANTAS’ proposal to establish a Premium subsidiary carrier in the Island State has reached ministerial level. This has prompted Singapore Airlines to make high level representations lobbying for the proposal to be rejected.

24th October 2011 - Extra Trans-Tasmans.

Following yesterday’s Rugby World Cup Final extra Auckland - Sydney capacity has been provided today by operating extra flights and using larger aircraft on existing flights:

JetConnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC operated an extra Auckland - Sydney as QF160.

QF50 Auckland - Sydney was operated by Airbus A330-300 VH-QPC.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA positioned Sydney - Auckland as QF6021 and then operated back as QF6031.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJQ positioned Sydney - Auckland as QF6023 and then operated back as QF6035.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEI operated Sydney - Auckland as QF161 and returned as QF162.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ operated Brisbane - Auckland as QF6014 then operated QF164 Auckland - Sydney.

23rd October 2011 - A330-300 to Auckland.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPC operated QF113 Sydney - Auckland today in order to position for providing extra post Rugby World Cup Final capacity tomorrow.

23rd October 2011 - VH-VYI Darwin Extra.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VYI operated an extra Brisbane - Darwin rotation today, positioning north as QF6137 and returning as QF1325 with passengers from yesterday’s cancelled QF825.

23rd October 2011 - VH-QPJ Brisbane Test Flight.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ undertook a further Brisbane - Brisbane test flight today as QF6147.

23rd October 2011 - VH-OJA Returns from Avalon.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA positioned Avalon - Sydney today as QF6196.

22nd October 2011 - VH-OGT Darwin Technical Issue.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGT arrived into Darwin today as QF824 but the return QF825 was cancelled suggesting a technical issue with the aircraft.

22nd October 2011 - VH-QPJ Brisbane Test Flight.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ, under maintenance at Brisbane since 5 September, undertook a Brisbane - Brisbane test flight today as QF6116.

21st October 2011 - VH-NXK Darwin Return.

Boeing 717-200 VH-NXK operating QF1935 Darwin - Alice Springs returned to Darwin around an hour after departure when crew were unable to retract the landing gear owing to a hydraulic fault.

20th October 2011 - VH-TJJ to Avalon Storage.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJJ positioned Melbourne - Avalon for storage today as QF6114. The aircraft operated its last passenger flight before storage as QF637 Brisbane - Melbourne yesterday.

20th October 2011 - VH-OJS Returns to Sydney.

Bangkok engine shutdown aircraft Boeing 747-438 VH-OJS arrived into Sydney this morning as QF2D from Bangkok.

19th October 2011 - VH-OGR to Avalon Storage.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGR positioned Brisbane - Avalon for storage today as QF6113. The aircraft last operated in passenger service on 16 October when it flew the QF91/QF92 Sydney - Noumea rotation. It then positioned Sydney - Brisbane as QF6001.

18th October 2011 - Two Further 767s to be Stored.

QANTAS today announced that two further Boeing 767-300s are to be stored next week due to the maintenance engineers industrial action and overtime ban.

18th October 2011 - VH-TJW Positions for Avalon Storage.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJW positioned Melbourne - Avalon for storage today as QF6112.

17th October 2011 - 737-400s Placed in Avalon Storage.

Boeing 737-476s VH-TJF and VH-TJO were placed in storage at Avalon today positioning from Melbourne as QF6111 and QF6121 respectively. This is in connection with the industrial action and overtime ban by maintenance workers.

17th October 2011 - 747-400 Auckland Extras.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJH operated a Sydney - Auckland rotation today as QF6034/QF160 whilst sister VH-OJB operated a second rotation as QF6030/QF6031. Both flights were in connection with the Rugby World Cup.

17th October 2011 - Cobham Contract Extension.

Cobham Aviation announced a five year contract extension today to operate Boeing 717-200 services for QANTASLink through to 2018.

16th October 2011 - VH-OJS QF2 Return to Bangkok.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJS operating QF2 London Heathrow - Bangkok - Sydney (depart London 15 October) was ten minutes into the flight from Bangkok - Sydney when the #3  engine required to be shut down after emitting a loud bang. The aircraft returned to Bangkok after dumping fuel.

16th October 2011 - VH-OJU to Avalon Maintenance.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJU positioned Sydney - Avalon as QF6195 today. This is one of the aircraft that will be refitted to 58J/40W/270Y configuration.

16th October 2011 - VH-OEG Back in Service.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEG re-entered service today as QF15 Brisbane - Los Angeles. This flight marked the debut of the new 58J/40W/270Y configuration with A380 style interior.

15th October 2011 - VH-VZT on Delivery.

Boeing 737-838 was accepted today at Boeing Field and departed on delivery as QF6024 routing Boeing Field - Honolulu - Nadi - Melbourne.

14th October 2011 - VH-OEG positions Avalon - Brisbane.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEG positioned Avalon - Brisbane today and is expected to re-enter service shortly on the QF15/QF16 Brisbane - Los Angeles service.

14th October 2011 - VH-OEJ Among New Zealand Extras.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ operated an extra Sydney - Auckland rotation today as QF161/QF162 in connection with the Rugby World Cup. Airbus A330-200 VH-EBL operated Sydney - Auckland as QF163 in place of tomorrow’s QF141 which will not operate. JetConnect Boeing 737-476 extended its service life again by operating as QF165 Sydney - Auckland.

14th October 2011 - VH-OEH Jet Blast Injures Virgin First Officer.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEH operating QF8 Brisbane - Sydney was departing the terminal at Brisbane when jet blast from its engines caused a set of steps attached to the rear door of Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8BK VH-VUM to be blown over. The Virgin First Officer was on the steps at the time conducting pre-flight inspections and suffered a fractured arm and leg. Virgin Australia have allaged that “the one dynamic that was different was the thrust level of the QANTAS plane” whilst QANTAS have stated that the aircraft was operating normally. The incident has been referred to the ATSB.

13th October 2011 - VH-OEG Test Flight.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEG operated a test flight from Avalon - Avalon today as QF6020 flying two circuits above Tasmania at 13,000ft. This aircraft is confirmed as the first in the new 58J/36W/270Y configuration.

13th October 2011 - QANTAS to Ground Five Aircraft as Engineering Strikes Bite.

Due to Industrial Action and overtime bans by maintenance crew QANTAS will ground four Boeing 737s and one Boeing 767 from Monday 17 October. This will cause ongoing cancellations across the domestic network.

11th October 2011 - Former VH-OJK Flies Again.

The former QANTAS Boeing 747-438 VH-OJK, now registered  5N-HMB, positioned today from Victorville, CA to Kano, Nigeria to take up service with Max Air on Hajj flights.

10th October 2011 - QF72 Re-Scheduled from 25 March 2012.

From 25 March 2012 QF72 Singapore - Perth will change to the following timings.

QF72 Singapore 2330 - Perth 0445 +1

10th October 2011 - Strike Cancellations and Extras.

The following flights are cancelled today due to industrial action:

QF443 Sydney - Melbourne

QF447 Sydney - Melbourne

QF449 Sydney - Melbourne

QF451 Sydney - Melbourne

QF452 Melbourne - Sydney

QF453 Sydney - Melbourne

QF454 Melbourne - Sydney

QF455 Sydney - Melbourne

QF457 Sydney - Melbourne

QF458 Melbourne - Sydney

QF459 Sydney - Melbourne

QF460 Melbourne - Sydney

QF462 Melbourne - Sydney

QF463 Sydney - Melbourne

QF464 Melbourne - Sydney

QF483 Canberra - Melbourne

QF490 Melbourne - Sydney

QF494 Melbourne - Sydney

QF536 Sydney - Brisbane

QF540 Sydney - Brisbane

QF542 Sydney - Brisbane

QF544 Sydney - Brisbane

QF545 Brisbane - Sydney

QF549 Brisbane - Sydney

QF551 Brisbane - Sydney

QF553 Brisbane - Sydney

QF557 Brisbane - Sydney

QF562 Canberra - Sydney

QF631 Brisbane - Melbourne

QF632 Melbourne - Brisbane

QF634 Melbourne - Brisbane

QF665 Brisbane - Adelaide

QF697 Melbourne - Canberra

QF771 Sydney - Canberra

QF805 Sydney - Canberra.

Additional services are:

QF1100 Sydney - Brisbane at 0845

QF1101 Brisbane - Sydney at 0945

QF1102 Sydney - Brisbane at 1335

QF1103 Sydney - Melbourne at 1330

QF1104 Melbourne - Sydney at 1115

QF1105 Melbourne - Adelaide at 1510

QF1107 Sydney - Melbourne at 1330.

8th October 2011 - VH-OGG Returns with New ‘Roo.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGG positioned Singapore - Sydney today as QF6026 following maintenance and repaint into the latest QANTAS livery.

8th October 2011 - VH-OGN Positions to Singapore.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGN positioned Sydney - Singapore as QF6023 today and is expected to undergo maintenance and repaint whilst in Singapore.

7th October 2011 - Network Aviation Fokker 100 positions to Woensdrecht.

One of the used Fokker 100s due to go to QANTAS owned Network Aviation arrived at Woensdrecht, Netherlands today having positioned Bogota - Nassau - Hamilton, Ontario - Keflavik - Woensdrecht. The aircraft is former Avianca aircraft HK-448.

7th October 2011 - Melbourne Fog Diversions.

QF132 Auckland - Melbourne operated by Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQH diverted via Adelaide. QF94 operated by Airbus A380 VH-OQH diverted via Sydney.

6th October 2011 - VH-VZT First Flight.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VZT made its first flight today from Renton to Boeing Field in full QANTAS livery. This is the first QANTAS 737 with the Boeing Sky Interior.

6th October 2011 - VH-OJN Back in Service.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJN positioned Avalon - Sydney today and returned to service as QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow.

6th October 2011 - QANTAS Group A320 Order Confirmed.

The order for 110 Airbus A320s mentioned in the 16 August “A New Spirit” has been finalised with Airbus. The order is for 32 current specification A320s and 78 A320 NEOs. The aircraft will be deployed across the JetStar, JetStar Asia, JetStar Pacific and JetStar Japan fleets as well as the new premium carrier to be based in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. None of the aircraft are expected to see service with QANTAS mainline.

5th October 2011 - Daily Dallas.

The QF7/QF8 Sydney - Dallas-Fort Worth - Brisbane - Sydney route will be increased to 6 x per week (no flights Tuesday) from 25 January 2012 and to a daily service from 1 July 2012. All services to be operated with Boeing 747-438ERs.

4th October 2011 - VH-NXI Newman Return.

QANTASLink Boeing 717-200 VH-NXI operating QF1825 Newman - Perth returned to Newman  after a compressor stall to the right hand engine around 5 minutes into the flight.

4th October 2011 - VH-OJJ Positions back to Sydney.

Singapore technical issue victim Boeing 747-438 VH-OJJ returned to Sydney this morning having positioned overnight from Singapore as QF6012.

3rd October 2011 - VH-OJJ QF5 Problem. VH-OJL to the Rescue.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJJ reached Singapore late last night as QF5 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt but was unable to continue from Singapore. Sister VH-OJL positioned Sydney - Singapore this morning as QF6011 and is expected to continue the flight to Frankfurt this afternoon.

3rd October 2011 - Rugby League Grand Final Extras.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPE operated an extra Sydney - Auckland rotation as QF175/QF176 and JetConnect Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ operated Sydney - Auckland as QF173.

1st October 2011 - Rugby League Grand Final Extras

Airbus A330-200 VH-EBI operated an extra Sydney - Auckland rotation as QF175/QF176 today in connection with the Rugby League Grand Final while never-say-die Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ operated an extra Auckland - Sydney service as QF174.

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29th October 2011 - Transport Minister Casts Doubt on QANTAS Management Actions.

“This action is quite extraordinary.” So says Australian Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Anthony Albanese. Mr Albanese claimed the government was not made aware of the shutdown until three hours before it came into effect.

“I made it very clear to Mr Joyce that I was very disturbed that we had conducted a number of discussions with Qantas during which no reference had been made to the possibility of such action being taken by the airline,” Mr Albanese continued.

“At no stage in any of the discussions the government has had with Qantas did it indicate that it wanted the government to intervene at Fair Work Australia to resolve the issues, and it did not at any stage mention that it was contemplating these groundings. I have real concerns about these actions, and I have spoken to Mr Joyce since the announcement to make my concerns known, and he has told me that the decision was taken at a board meeting this morning and that it was a fait accompli. I find it extraordinary that a board meeting should have suddenly decided on this course of action this morning less than a day after it held an annual general meeting. There has to be planning involved in this. I leave it to those who know how aviation operates to ponder the timing of this.”

29th October 2011 - Alan Joyce Statement in Full.

A crisis is unfolding within Qantas.

Industrial action directed by the leadership of three unions - the Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) representing the licensed engineers, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) representing ramp, baggage and catering staff, and the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) representing the long-haul pilots – is aimed at applying so much pressure on Qantas, so much pressure on our customers, and so much pressure on Australian business, that we will give in to their demands.

In 15 months Qantas has reached agreement with more than 10,000 employees represented by four unions on five Enterprise Agreements – or one-third of the Qantas workforce.

Over the same period we have been doing all we can to reach agreement with the ALAEA and AIPA and more recently with the TWU. What makes these union negotiations different? Two things.

First, these three unions are sticking by impossible claims that are not just to do with pay, but also to do with unions trying to dictate how we run our business.

The pilots’ union wants to force us to pay Jetstar pilots on codeshare flights the same high rates that they get at Qantas. This would set a wages precedent that would soon put an end to Jetstar and slash low-cost travel in Australia.

Our only alternative would be to remove Qantas codesharing from Jetstar which would have the effect of making some key Qantas routes uneconomic.

The licensed engineers want to bind Qantas maintenance to the past; to thumb their nose at world’s best-practice regulations, including those endorsed by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority; and continue with outdated work practices on new generation aircraft.

The TWU was offered an exceptional deal but is sticking to its completely unrealistic claim that would prevent us from the sensible use of contractors. These are impossible demands. We cannot agree to them because they could ultimately put the Qantas Group at risk.

The second thing that makes these unions different is that they are running utterly destructive industrial campaigns against Qantas and our customers, hurting all our employees and undermining Australian business.

The situation is unsustainable.

• 70,000 affected passengers
• Over 600 flights cancelled
• 7 grounded aircraft
• Nearly $70 million in damage
• And $15 million in damage for every week that goes by.

The unions’ industrial campaigns are designed to scare away customers. It has become impossible for Qantas to serve our third-party maintenance clients. They are trashing our strategy and our brand. They are deliberately destabilising the company. And there is no end in sight.

Yesterday two unions declared their intention to escalate industrial action further and over an extended period. As one said earlier they want: “to bake Qantas slowly”.

The pilots’ union has also said they are considering escalating their industrial campaign. They talk about job security, but the unions are on a path that would diminish the job security of their own members.

Customers are now fleeing from us. Key high value domestic bookings on east coast routes are down by 25% on the same period last year. That’s the most lucrative part of our flying business and it is bleeding badly.

International bookings have also fallen, with November bookings nearly 10% down on where we expected them to be – when Qantas International is already making significant losses.

Our customer research shows an alarming increase in people who intend NOT to fly with Qantas. In our domestic business that number has surged from a normal 5% to 20%. The intention not to fly with Qantas internationally has surged to nearly 30%.

Virgin Australia is the main beneficiary of this campaign and has announced capacity increases.

The great irony is that it pays less, is less unionised and does its heavy maintenance offshore. Yet there is no union pressure on Virgin.

This is a crisis for Qantas. If this action continues as the unions have promised, we will have no choice but to close down Qantas part by part. It goes without saying that this would have very grave consequences for jobs. Killing Qantas slowly would be a tragedy for Qantas and our employees. But it would also have a terrible domino effect right across Australia, affecting businesses large and small, tourism, freight and families.

We have got to achieve a resolution to this crisis. We have got to bring this to an end. So I have no option but to force the issue. I have to activate the one form of protected industrial action that is available to me to bring home to the unions the seriousness of their actions, and to get them to forge sensible deals with us. I am using the only effective avenue at my disposal to bring about peace and certainty.

In response to the unions’ industrial action, I announce that under the provisions of the Fair Work Act Qantas will lock out all those employees who will be covered by the agreements currently being negotiated with the ALAEA, the TWU and AIPA. I have informed the Government of this. The only exception to this is that no employee working overseas will be locked out and all staff overseas will continue to be paid. The lock-out will commence from 8pm on Monday night Sydney local time and will continue until further notice.

Because the pilots, ramp, baggage and catering staff and licensed engineers are essential to the running of the airline, the lock-out makes it necessary for us to ground the fleet. However, I cannot wait until Monday to do so. This is a very tense environment. Individual reactions to this lock-out decision may be unpredictable. We are always conservative in our approach.

For this reason, as a precautionary measure, we have decided to ground the Qantas international and domestic fleet immediately.

I repeat, we are grounding the Qantas fleet now.

Obviously, those flights that are currently in the air will complete their scheduled sectors. However as from now there will be no further Qantas domestic or international departures anywhere in the world.

Jetstar and QantasLink will continue to operate. Express Freighters Australia and Atlas Freighters will continue flying. JetConnect will also continue to operate Qantas services across the Tasman.

We are locking out until the unions withdraw their extreme claims and reach an agreement with us.

The great majority of our staff have played no part in this damaging industrial campaign. On the contrary they have stepped up magnificently to try and minimise the union-inflicted damage.
• Until the lock-out commences at 8pm on Monday, all employees are required at work and will be paid.
• Once the lock-out commences:
1) those employees who are locked out will not be required at work and will not be paid; and
2) All other employees are required at work and will be paid.

We will be talking to those employees, their managers and their union representatives about how we best manage the impacts of this situation.
I urge the members of the ALAEA, TWU and AIPA to consider their own interests and tell their leaders they want to reach reasonable and fair agreements that will be good for them and for Qantas.

I want to say how sorry I am that this course of action has become necessary. We will be doing all we can to care for our customers. For those who are mid-journey, we will assist with accommodation and endeavour to help with alternate flights, and any other support we are able to give. We will provide a full refund to any customer who chooses to cancel their trip because their flight has been directly affected by the grounding of our fleet, and extend full rebooking flexibility for anyone wishing to defer their travel.

Our customer service staff will have my full support to assist our customers in any way they can. We will have continuous updates on and that will be the best source of information. We will also be using our Facebook and twitter feeds to keep customers updated.

This course of action has been forced upon us by the extreme and damaging course chosen by the leaders of three unions. It is now over to them. The ball is in their court. They must decide just how badly they want to hurt Qantas, their members, our other employees, and the travelling public of Australia in pursuit of their destructive aims.

29th October 2011 - QANTAS to Ground All Aircraft.

From 5pm today QANTAS will ground all mainline flights as it prepares to lock out all employees covered by agreements currently in dispute with the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Union, Australian International Pilots Association and Transport Workers Union.

For passengers whose itineraries have already commenced and whose transfers will fail the airline will arrange accommodation, meals and transfers. For passengers who are away from home will have to arrange their own accommodation which QANTAS will then re-imburse.

JetStar, JetConnect and QANTASLink flights will not be affected.

Flights cancelled today are:

QF1 Sydney - Bangkok - London Heathrow

QF2 London Heathrow - Bangkok - Sydney

QF2 Bangkok - Sydney

QF5 Singapore - Frankfurt

QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney

QF6 Singapore - Sydney

QF8 Dallas-Fort Worth - Brisbane - Sydney

QF9 Singapore - London Heathrow

QF10 London Heathrow - Singapore - Melbourne

QF10 Singapore - Melbourne

QF12 Los Angeles - Sydney

QF16 Los Angeles - Brisbane (depart 28 Oct)

QF16 Los Angeles - Brisbane

QF20 Manila - Sydney

QF21 Sydney - Tokyo Narita

QF22 Tokyo Narita - Sydney

QF26 Los Angeles - Auckland (depart 28 Oct)

QF26 Los Angeles - Auckland

QF29 Melbourne - Hong Kong - London Heathrow

QF30 London Heathrow - Hong Kong - Melbourne

QF30 Hong Kong - Melbourne

QF31 Sydney - Singapore - London Heathrow - This flight had already left the gate at Sydney and was called back.

QF32 London Heathrow - Singapore - Sydney

QF51 Singapore - Mumbai

QF52 Singapore - Brisbane

QF71 Perth - Singapore - This flight was boarding in Perth was boarding was halted.

QF77 Perth - Singapore

QF78 Singapore - Perth

QF90 - Noumea - Brisbane

QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne (depart 28 Oct)

QF94 Los Angeles - Melbourne

QF97 Brisbane - Hong Kong

QF107 Los Angeles - New York JFK

QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney (depart 28 Oct)

QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney

QF128 Hong Kong - Sydney

QF130 Shanghai - Sydney

QF452 Melbourne - Sydney

QF453 Sydney - Melbourne

QF458 Melbourne - Sydney

QF459 Sydney - Melbourne

QF462 Melbourne - Sydney

QF465 Sydney - Melbourne

QF481 Melbourne - Perth

QF487 Sydney - Melbourne

QF490 Melbourne - Sydney

QF540 Sydney - Brisbane

QF544 Sydney - Brisbane

QF545 Brisbane - Sydney

QF548 Sydney - Brisbane

QF549 Brisbane - Sydney

QF553 Brisbane - Sydney

QF556 Sydney - Brisbane

QF557 Brisbane - Sydney

QF566 Perth - Sydney

QF568 Perth - Sydney

QF571 Sydney - Perth

QF583 Sydney - Perth

QF594 Perth - Brisbane

QF595 Adelaide -Perth

QF628 Melbourne - Brisbane

QF631 Brisbane - Melbourne

QF634 Melbourne - Brisbane

QF637 Brisbane - Melbourne

QF648 Perth - Melbourne

QF653 Melbourne - Perth

QF692 Adelaide - Melbourne

QF701 Melbourne - Adelaide

QF718 Perth - Canberra

QF743 Sydney - Adelaide

QF766 Adelaide - Sydney

QF768 Perth - Melbourne

QF819 Canberra - Melbourne

QF822 Melbourne - Canberra

QF879 Sydney - Canberra

QF884 Canberra - Sydney

QF915 Karratha - Perth

QF916 Perth - Karratha

QF932 Sydney - Cairns

QF959 Brisbane - Canberra

QF960 Canberra - Brisbane

QF975 Townsville - Brisbane

QF978 Brisbane - Townsville

QF1012 Hobart - Melbourne

QF1013 Melbourne - Hobart

The last Domestic flight in the air was QF843 Darwin - Sydney operated by Boeing 737-838 VH-VYJ.

The last International flights to get underway were:

QF5 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt operated by Boeing 747-438 VH-OJE which will terminate at Singapore.

QF9 Melbourne - Singapore - London Heathrow operated by Airbus A380 VH-OQC which will terminate at Singapore.

29th October 2011 - VH-TJH QF1019 Melbourne Diversion.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJH operating QF1019 Sydney - Hobart diverted to Melbourne today where it subsequently became stuck due to the shutdown.

28th October 2011 - VH-VZA Returns from Avalon.

Boeing 737-838 VH-VZA, which had been at Avalon since 9 October positioned Avalon - Melbourne today as QF6145.

27th October 2011 - ZK-JTQ in Service Again.

Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ operated QF118 Wellington - Sydney today having positioned Auckland - Wellington yesterday as QF6173. On arrival in Sydney the aircraft positioned back to Auckland as QF6174.

26th October 2011 - Former JetConnect 737 Leaves Auckland

Former QANTAS and JetConnect Boeing 737-476 positioned Auckland - Brisbane - Darwin today as QF6029.

26th October 2011 - VH-OQE to Frankfurt for C Check.

Airbus A380 VH-OQE positioned London Heathrow - Frankfurt as QF6023 this morning in order to undergo a C Check at Lufthansa Technik.

25th October 2011 - VH-OGR Back in Service.

Boeing 767-338ER VH-OGR positioned Avalon - Sydney as QF6112 this morning and re-entered traffic as QF445 Sydney - Melbourne.

25th October 2011 - VH-TJF Back in Service.

Boeing 737-476 VH-TJF returned to service today operating QF673 Melbourne - Adelaide.