QANTAS today announced its revised schedule on London Heathrow services which will reduce the number of aircraft required for London services from six to five aircraft. The new schedule, from July 20th, retimes the Melbourne services and means aircraft will fly a six day W pattern originating in Sydney. The aircraft schedule will be follows:

QF1 Sydney 1550 – Dubai 0035+1
QF1 Dubai 0215 – London Heathrow 0645

QF10 London Heathrow 1330 – Dubai 2325
QF10 Dubai 0115+1 – Melbourne 2055

QF9 Melbourne 2255 – Dubai 0705+1
QF9 Dubai 0905 – London Heathrow 1340

QF2 London Heathrow 2125 – Dubai 0720+1
QF2 Dubai 0920 – Sydney 0510+1.

One significant effect of the rescheduling is that the late Melbourne arrival of QF10 will eliminate all onward connections from Melbourne for that service, meaning all passengers wishing to connect to anywhere other than Sydney and Melbourne yet still fly on QANTAS aircraft will be forced to use the QF2 Sydney service.