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QANTAS News September 2010

30th September 2010 - VH-OJI 3 Class conversion.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJI which has been at Avalon since 12th September 2010 is confirmed as the first 2 Class aircraft to be converted to 3 Class configuration with the addition of a Premium Economy cabin. Six of the seven 2 Class aircraft are due to be converted and will eventually operate the QF21/22 Sydney - Tokyo and QF5/6 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt rotations, however initially VH-OJI appears to be scheduled to appear on some QF127/128 rotations.

QF21/22, on which Premium Economy can be booked from 10th October 2010 will be operated by a mixture of VH-OJI and Kangaroo and Pacific configured 747-400s, as well as once weekly by A330-200 until a second 2 to 3 Class conversion.

27th September 2010 - A330-300 on trans-Tasman flights.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPH operated the QF43/44 Sydney - Auckland rotation today in place of the usual Boeing 737-800.

27th September 2010 - 747 VH-OEF on Domestic Duties.

Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEF operated Domestic duties on 26th September as  QF777 Melbourne - Perth, QF776 Perth - Melbourne, continuing today as QF485 Melbourne - Perth, QF802 Perth - Melbourne, QF481 Melbourne - Perth.

25th September 2010 - A380 VH-OQB in AFL Grand Final Flyover.

Airbus A380 VH-OQB had Channel 7 decals applied to the underside and flew as QF6620 from Sydney - Sydney via a flyover of the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne. The aircraft then operated to Singapore and London as QF155, a special flight number replacing the usual QF31.

23rd September 2010 - 747-438 VH-OJR withdrawn from service.

Boeing 747-438 VH-OJR arrived in Sydney this morning as QF64 from Johannesburg and was then taken to the Sydney Jet Base. We understand that this is for various work to be undertaken before the aircraft is returned to the lessor and that this aircraft is no longer an active member of the QANTAS fleet.

23rd September 2010 - 747 VH-OJE on Domestic Duties.

The QF777/776 Melbourne - Perth rotation was operated today by 2 Class 747-400 VH-OJE which positioned into Melbourne from Brisbane to operate the flights and positioned out to Sydney

9th September 2010 - A380 VH-OQJ makes first flight.

A380 VH-OQJ made its first flight as F-WWAQ and was transferred from Toulouse to Finkenwerder.

8th September 2010 - 2011 Longhaul Operations plans.

QF15/16 Brisbane - Los Angeles will become a daily service from 1st January 2011 and will be scheduled for operation by ER aircraft in Pacific configuration. As yet no First Class or Premium Economy inventory has been released and flights are currently scheduled to operate in mixed-mode with the First Class cabin allocated to high-tier Business Class passengers and the rear two rows of Business and the entire Premium Economy cabin allocated to high-tier Economy passengers.

This new arrangement frees a 2 Class - to be converted to 3 Class - 747-400 to move to the QF21/22 Sydney - Tokyo to daily 747 operation whilst providing a spare aircraft to cover QF21/22 and QF5/6 Sydney - Singapore - Frankfurt whilst the 2 to 3 Class conversions take place.

7th September 2010 - VH-OJO returns in new livery.

Boeing 747-400 VH-OJO returned to Sydney from maintenance and in Hong Kong as QF6028 wearing the new QANTAS livery.

6th September 2010 - VH-OGR returns to Sydney.

767-300 VH-OGR operating flight QF19 to Manila returned to Sydney after completing 2 hours of the flight due to the crew receiving a fault warning related to the anti-skid braking system. As storms were forecast for the arrival into Manila it was felt prudent to return to a dry Sydney. Replacement 767-300 VH-OGU was used as the replacement aircraft.

5th September 2010 - 747 into Christchurch.

Following the New Zealand earthquake 747-400 VH-OJE operated the QF45/46 Sydney - Christchurch rotation today in order to get people and equipment into the area.

2nd September 2010 - Q400 update.

Q400 VH-QOK is understood to have been found to have cracks in the landing gear and has been ferried to Canberra for repair. Other stopped Q400s are back in service. Some Brisbane - Rockhampton services continue to be operated by an Alliance Air Fokker 100.

1st September 2010  - VH-OJQ V-Pods engine to San Francisco.

QF73 Sydney - San Francisco operated by VH-OJQ is ferrying an engine to San Francisco after the incident with VH-OJP. The 747 can carry an extra engine on the port wing, an operation known as V-Pod. Due to the extra fuel burn the flight operated with minimal passengers and via Honolulu.  All other passengers were re-accommodated via Los Angeles or on United Airlines.

22nd September 2010 - 747 VH-OEH on Domestic Duties.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEH operated today as QF777 Melbourne - Perth and QF776 Perth - Melbourne in place of the usual Airbus A330. Tomorrow’s flights are also scheduled for Boeing 747-400 operation.

21st September 2010 - Daily Johannesburg Service Commences.

The QF63/64 Sydney - Johannesburg went to daily operation today with 747-438 VH-OJG operating the new Tuesday service.

19th September 2010 - 747 VH-OEI on Domestic Duties.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEI today operated QF577 Sydney - Perth and QF566 Perth - Sydney in place of the usual Airbus A330.

17th September 2010 - 747 VH-OEF on Domestic Duties.

Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEF today operated QF577 Sydney - Perth and QF566 Perth - Sydney in place of the usual Airbus A330.

14th September 2010 - QANTAS on Oprah.

QANTAS and Tourism Australia pulled of a publicity coup with the announcement by Oprah Winfrey that her show was to fly the entire audience of over 300 people to Australia on QANTAS. QANTAS Ambassador John Travolta appeared on stage appearing from a mock-up of a QANTAS jet and the A380 got much airtime.

10th September 2010 - Diversions due to Sydney fog.

Due to fog in Sydney the following flights made diversions today:

QF12 Los Angeles - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. A380 VH-OQE

QF20 Manila - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. B763 VH-OGU.

QF22 Tokyo Narita - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. A332 VH-EBH

QF74 San Francisco - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. B744 VH-OJF

QF108 Los Angeles - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. B744ER VH-OEI

QF829 Darwin - Sydney diverted to Brisbane. B763 VH-OGI.

QF2 London Heathrow - Bangkok - Sydney diverted to Melbourne. B744 VH-OJL.

QF6 Frankfurt - Singapore - Sydney diverted to Melbourne. B744 VH-OJA.

Flights were able to continue on to Sydney after around an hour on the ground.

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