QANTAS A330-200 27J/228Y Seat Map

QANTAS A330-200 27J/228Y Seat Map

QANTAS Seat Maps

Cabin Colours

Business Class

Economy Class

Seat Key

Seat with moveable armrests.

Seat with solid armrests.

Seat with restricted width.

Seat with extra legroom.

Seat with extra legroom at a bassinet/cot position.

Bulkhead – No floor storage.

Exit Row – No floor storage. Passengers waiting to use the toilets congregate in this area.

Seat with no recline or possible restricted recline.

Seat with restricted view due to a missing/misaligned window.

Seat which is prone to being bumped by passengers and carts.

Seat which is used as a crew rest seat on longer sectors.

A330-200 27J/228Y

This fleet has crew rest areas and so operates on long distance services to Asia as well as other International, trans-Tasman and Australian domestic services.

Business Class Cabin

Thomas Vantage XL Flat Bed seats with 45″ pitch and 73″ bed length.

23″, 24″ or 25″ seat width.

Panasonic eX3 On Demand entertainment on 16″ screen.

AC Power. USB Port. Wifi.

Foot space is restricted in non-bulkhead seats when in bed mode.

Window Seats in rows 2 and 4 offer the greatest privacy.

Economy Class Cabin

Reclining Recaro seats with 31″ pitch and 18.1″ width.

Panasonic eXLite On Demand entertainment on 11.1″ screen.

AC Power. USB Port. Wifi

Average seat pitch but excellent width in the 2 – 4 – 2 configuration which provides ideal seats for couples travelling together.

QANTAS Seat Maps

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